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We are passionate about everything blockchain. We provide tailored business solutions for businesses and organisations as well as training for anybody at any level. Working across all industries, our dedicated team can build blockchain solutions to meet your requirements and integrate this new technology into your existing systems.

The exciting development of blockchain and its vast benefits to businesses and organisations has been the foundation of the company developing innovative solutions across the world. Namely, our largest project to date has been Multibuy Group; a multinational e-commerce and travel company. Multibuy Group required a complex blockchain network due to the many features incorporated into their rewards program. Blockchain Scotland has been working closely with the company to ensure that all of their requirements are met in a professional and prompt manner. Blockchain Scotland’s reputation has since been, that we are simply the best company to work with for any blockchain requirements.

What is so special about blockchain? Inherently, blockchain is a disruptive technology, taking control from centralised database systems and decentralising it across a network of thousands of nodes. The way in which blockchain operates means that the transfer and handling of data becomes incredibly streamlined bringing huge benefits to those who implement it properly. This is where we come in. Businesses and organisations are able to come to us with existing networks where they have inefficiencies within their existing system or need an entire network created from scratch.

We establish the areas which can be improved using a blockchain solution, implement the solution, then maintain the network. Although the process sounds very simple in such terms; many, many hours of work from our team go into producing a second to none service to our clients. We truly care and work towards every project being a great success. It gives us great pleasure to see organisations be able to harness the power of blockchain when it is used effectively. From helping to cut manufacturing costs to verifying the safety of important aircraft components; blockchain is such an exciting technology and our company looks forward to seeing how the future of the technology will look.

Our mission is to become market leaders in the development, implementation, training and education of blockchain solutions. Our team passionately believes in the benefits that incorporating the right blockchain solution can bring to modern day organisations. As businesses start to adopt blockchain solutions they may also need to retrain staff to understand this new way of working and we can provide training to meet any requirements at any level.

Robert Neate is CEO and co-founder of Blockchain Scotland Ltd. After successfully trading in cryptocurrency for over 5 years, Robert acquired an acute knowledge, not only of cryptocurrency, but of the powerful blockchain technology which facilitates its use. Beginning research into blockchain whilst it was in its earliest stages has allowed Robert to become hugely knowledgeable in the fields which surround the technology. Such knowledge and research were simply gained through a passion for learning and innovation to make the world a better place with technology.

Obtaining an incredible insight inspired Robert to start his own blockchain company having seen the many benefits which it can bring to almost any industry. Blockchain Scotland acquired its executive team back in 2017 with Chris Stewart (COO) leading the business operations of turning the company into a successful business. The first major project, providing a blockchain network to Multibuy to replace their Eurocredit reward programme, has been a great success for both companies. Multibuy continues to be a successful client to which Blockchain Scotland has provided solutions.


Starting from the sofa in a living room to becoming an award winning blockchain company, Blockchain Scotland’s journey has been founded on a passion for innovation and drive for success. From the start, the company has been a through and through technology organisation. Initial starting investments were almost all obtained through successful cryptocurrency trading and being an active member in online communities of traders and coins.


At present, Blockchain Scotland successfully runs one of Scotland’s largest blockchain data centres as well as providing blockchain solutions to businesses. In 2018 Blockchain Scotland partnered with Multibuy Group to provide a tailored blockchain for their ecommerce network. The company has since established a highly skilled team including network of developers that can provide virtually any blockchain solution, even if it has never been made before. Our developers can create a custom network to meet virtually any organisation’s data handling requirements. Many businesses are already seeing the benefits which can be had and we are committed to advocating such benefits.

Blockchain Scotland is in talks with major business organisations about developing their blockchain networks, with a diverse range of industries. Additionally, blockchain training is one of the services that the company can provide. From the training of an organisation’s staff to qualifying people to become developers, any educational needs can be met. In partnership with the Blockchain Training Alliance, Blockchain Scotland is committed to educating people on the many benefits that blockchain will bring to a modern technological world.

Robert Neate, CEO and co-founder of Blockchain Scotland


Chris Stewart, Chief Operations Officer



Mandy Stewart, Senior Administrator


Niall Patterson, Senior Web Developer and Graphic Designer



Scott Graham, Social Media Marketing Manager


Ryan Corbett, Head of Solutions Architecture and Training



  • Funding Stage Self-funded
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 6-10
  • Sector Distributed Ledger
  • Valuation N/A

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