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BTP was founded with the singular aim of bringing the benefits of blockchain to business by simplifying its adoption. To this end, BTP has created Sextant, a blockchain management platform which radically simplifies the deployment and ongoing management of blockchain-enabled applications.
BTP’s team has an exceptional track record in open source, operations and cloud. Headquartered in Edinburgh with offices in London and New York, BTP was incorporated in June 2018.


Blockchain has tremendous potential but there are three issues that need to be addressed in order for enterprises to take full advantage of it.
Blockchain technology must be open. It is too important to be owned or controlled by a single company. Therefore just like Linux it must be developed in the open and owned by all of us.
Blockchain technology is complex. While hardly a surprise, if it isn’t addressed this issue alone will slow down enterprise adoption.
Blockchain networks are long-lived and need to be maintained. In other words, without ongoing management their performance will degrade over time and they will eventually fall into disrepair.


BTP solves this problem by providing Sextant, a blockchain management platform that handles the deployment and on-going management of blockchain networks.
● Sextant is built using the best-in-class open source components favoured by enterprises to ensure interoperability and auditability
● Sextant delivers one-click deployment of enterprise-grade blockchain networks
● Sextant handles the on-going maintenance and management of blockchain networks through closed loop management and enterprise-grade SLAs
Sextant is available in two versions, Sextant for Sawtooth and Sextant for DAML.

Sextant for Sawtooth

Sextant for Sawtooth is BTP’s core blockchain management offering, which features one-click deployment of Hyperledger Sawtooth networks running on industry-standard Kubernetes clusters, on prem, on cloud or both.
Sextant for Sawtooth features BTP’s managed distribution of Hyperledger Sawtooth, the eminent blockchain protocol favoured by Salesforce, Cargill and Target, among others.

Sextant for DAML

Sextant for DAML unlocks the value of smart contracts for business. DAML is the best emerging smart contract language for business, open sourced by Digital Asset.
Sextant for DAML delivers one-click deployment of DAML on Hyperledger Sawtooth networks running on industry-standard Kubernetes clusters.


Duncan Johnston-Watt – Chief Executive Officer

Duncan is a serial entrepreneur and pioneer with thirty years experience in the software industry.

He founded Cloudsoft Corporation, creator of the Apache Brooklyn open source project, serving as its CEO for nine years. Previously he was founder & CTO of Enigmatec Corporation which was sold to iWave and subsequently acquired by EMC.

Prior to this he had a number of fintech roles. At Instinet he led the delivery of their Fixed Income brokerage platform. In recognition of this work pioneering the use of Java enterprise technologies in Financial Services he was nominated for a Computerworld Smithsonian Award.

Duncan holds an MSc in Computation from Oxford University where he was a graduate student at Balliol College.


Kevin O’Donnell – Chief Strategy Officer

Kevin is co-founder of the devops platform Chill Code. He served as VP Infrastructure & Operations at JP Morgan from September 2012 until July 2016. Prior to this he served as VP Operations, Video Analytics at Nielsen following its acquisition of Glance Guide in March 2010 where he was VP Operations from December 2007.

Kevin has worked with Duncan at both Instinet Corporation where he was Director, Global Fixed Income Engineering and Enigmatec Corporation Limited where he served as VP, Product Management for four years.

Kevin has over 20 years experience delivering large-scale production systems, much of it gained on Wall Street, focusing on automation and operations. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Vanderbilt University.


Oliver Johnston-Watt – Marketing Director

Oliver is London-based and joined BTP’s founding team after stints at growth invest firm Hambro Perks and, a real-time data delivery platform provider. Prior to this, Oliver was based full-time in Moscow, Russia where he was an editorial intern for The Moscow Times.

Oliver holds a BA in Ancient and Modern History from the University of Oxford where he was a member of Somerville College.


Paul Sitoh – Principal Engineer

Paul Sitoh has over 25 years software development experience ranging from mobile and cloud to complex enterprise systems.

Prior to BTP Paul was Head of Blockchain at Elemental Concept and Aladdin Healthcare Technologies where he led the delivery of blockchain projects in finance and healthcare. Prior to this he was a blockchain SME at IBM.

Paul is a member of the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET). He holds a MSc in Information Systems from the University of Durham and a BEng from Newcastle University.


  • Funding Stage Pre-seed
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 6-10
  • Sector Distributed Ledger
  • Valuation N/A

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