Houston We Have


Houston We Have is a technology company that is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:HWH).   Its UK arm was established a year ago.

The company uses patented augmented intelligence software, data science and commercial insight to help organisations make better decisions, at speed and without bias.

Its solutions allow clients to predict the likelihood of future outcomes without bias, and with high degrees of transparency, reliability and certainty.    Originally developed for use in military intelligence, the company’s patented software (Intelfuze) can also be used across a wide range of scenarios in different industries.

Houston We Have operates in three core technology areas:

  1. Augmented Intelligence
  2. Data Science & Analytics
  3. Data Advisory & Consulting


Recent applications created by Houston We Have include the following:

An automated credit risk assessment tool used by an SME lending platform to make more accurate and relevant assessments, where traditional tools and providers are inadequate.   Historically, the client would take days to reach a decision and the decision would often be based on factors unlikely to give a true indication of a borrower’s likelihood of repayment.    Houston We Have developed a tool that considers 80 separate factors to produce a risk assessment, within minutes.  This not only provides borrowers with a significantly improved user experience, but reduces lender risk.  Since this tool was deployed, the lending platform has seen zero losses through loan default.

Houston We Have was also approached by a leading international digital product studio to help it better understand the potential risk around new investment projects and ventures with the development of a new project evaluation model.  Historically, the process of assessment was (as is still the case in many organisations) highly manual and driven by committees where an abundance of human bias would often see the opinions of the loudest or most influential voices prioritised.  Decisions were slower and less structured than desired despite intentions to be otherwise.


Houston We Have was asked to develop this solution because we own patented algorithmic validation software that can use both quantitative data and subjective human inputs in a methodical, disciplined and repeatable way.  The software was used to provide a validated outline of a prospective venture’s overall health and brings hidden strengths and weaknesses to the surface.   Every assessment of a venture is transparent – not just what is likely to occur but why.  And every assessment is date and time stamped. In many ways, it’s a digitised version of the original framework, available to all team members and investors alike but gives a clear, fast and objective assessment.

Houston We Have is newly established in the UK.  With Australian parentage going back more than 10 years, the company identified an appetite and interest in its distinctive technology and approach from business and organisations there, and in Europe more generally.  Houston We Have now has a formal presence in Scotland, with a base in the world-renowned Bayes Centre at the University of Edinburgh.


The company’s roots are in military intelligence where there was a need for better tools to support strategic decision making, especially in situations of high risk and variable information.   The company still derives a share of its revenue from this sector as well as the health insurance market, and forward-thinking organisations in Fintech, Consumer, Resources and other industries.


At the heart of Houston We Have is the patented software Intelfuze, owned by the business.   This highly unusual piece of technology captures experience, wisdom and data and applies it to endless scenarios allowing the user to see the consequences of actions or inactions in a multi-faceted and complex environment.   Planning is more effective as a result and emotion in decision making is reduced or eliminated.   However, the inclusion of valuable human insight and experience is correctly managed, which is why we refer to this unique approach as Augmented Intelligence.


Houston We Have operates internationally, but with people based in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.    Our team comprises experts in data science, artificial intelligence, analytics, software development and a range of technical skills.   Our consultancy and marketing teams have experience in leading organisations in the military, intelligence, consumer and technology sectors and know how to help clients harness the power of technology to solve big problems.  We turn to our patented software to help solve client challenges when it makes sense to do so, but not always.   We utilise the best technologies and approaches for any situation and specialise in helping clients understand risk (of any kind), for the purposes of making intelligent decisions.   Where should they direct marketing investment?   Which ventures should be backed?   How can complex processes be automated?   How can new tools be developed for enhanced user experience in Fintech?

Elizabeth Whitelock, Chief Executive Officer


Paul Kiernan, UK Director

Rakesh Patel, Chief Technology Officer


Philip Woolff, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer


  • Funding Stage Self-funded
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 11-50
  • Sector Data/Analytics
  • Valuation N/A

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