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Isle Of Skye Blockchain Ltd SC609599 (iosbltd) was founded on 28.09.2018 to engage & close a digital gap in the Scottish Highlands.
With Community input iosbltd aims to develop & maintain a digital IPFS Blockchain network for Skye & Lochalse which the residents & business can rely & build on. IOSBlockchain Ltd is limited by guarantee & was registered on 02.10.2018.
The company is a new innovative technology start-up. The company will be located on the Isle Of Skye, Scotland. As we expand & grow we will venture to cover the whole of Scotland.

The company will create software applications for today’s digital world. Blockchain solutions & interactive community applications.

We are an Innovative organisation that is a Community Interest Company (registration pending).
Our new ISOBlockchain Ltd will attach to the existing infrastructure of the internet of things (IOF) via an IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) network & allow all to participate in the 4th industrial revolution.

We aim to teach, inform & create a sustainable future that will evolve. This will be safeguarded within the existing Blockchain, however we will introduce new & innovative solutions to today’s complex problems by creating a developer unit & a think-tank community who will use past failures to highlight unique digital solutions & create Applications that will cure the problem.

The new Blockchain that the community data will build, will save time, money & secure the Isle Of Skye a digital footprint that will last for years. At the Isle Of Skye Blockchain Ltd we believe that a person should own their own data & profit from this if applicable.

We aim to teach all who are interested or want to know how to utilise this new technology to their advantage & in-turn claim their personal data block on our new community Blockchain. We will also have a Commercial & a Corporate Block. We have not forgotten the Tourist’s as we have created a Guest Block within the Commercial Block, this will also give them access to a digital copy of the Highland Code & discounted advantages with all of Skye’s Commercial Block, thus direct marketing on a digital scale & so much more.
This is an opportunity of a lifetime for the Highlands & Scotland.

We have already accumulated the title of the 1st West Coast FinTechScotland which we are proud to own. This will enhance our vision & allow us to integrate & create more solutions for more communities. The 4th industrial revolution is Digital & we aim to be a world leader in innovative digital solutions.

Isle Of Skye Blockchain Ltd was founded by myself. I am the London Entrepreneur of the year 2001/02. I was nominated for this by the Princes Trust & East London Business Centre.

I decided to create Isle Of Skye Blockchain Ltd to inform, teach, build & manage a Community Blockchain Network within the Highlands of Scotland. There is a gap in education on this topic within Scotland in general.
We do not focus on the negatives, we re-create from these & provide logical solutions that can be digitally enhanced to cure the problem & simplify the future.

As the Founder/CEO I will endeavour to expand this network on a daily basis via our own website, social media & direct marketing.
I am in the process of designing a Digital App which has the potential to eliminate Deer-Strike’s in the Highlands by warning the user in advance of wildlife activity on the highway ahead. This has huge potential to navigate to international recognition & adoption via Governments & Local Councils, also any user that uses a moving vehicle on any Highway.

Our debut App is called Deer-Guardian (trademarks pending) & our aim is to distribute this via haulage contractors as the early adopters. Once we create the Blockchain this App will then warn all that are on the network of Hot-Spot areas that will be highlighted via Sat-Nav or any Smart device. The main reason is so that we can save the lives of the user & pro-actively save our local wildlife.

Once Deer-Guardian is online & providing us with interactive data then we can use this to advance the system day by day & create an evolving digital diary.

This has implications that we have not yet realised, thus we have major room to evolve & expand.
The Blockchain network is evolving worldwide & we have now started on securing the Isle Of Skye with a digital footprint that all can use today & in generations to come.

I have created an opportunity for the community to be involved in the digital revolution & actively contribute to Isle Of Skye Blockchain Ltd design & construction. This has the possibility to revolutionise the island in marketing, commercialism, data analytics, infrastructure, social & health impact, smart communities, smart tourist’s & so much more. We are just beginning on our journey & invite all to participate in this community event.


James Paul Campbell (Esq) – Founder/CEO


  • Funding Stage Self-funded
  • Trading for <1 year
  • Employees 1-5
  • Sector Distributed Ledger
  • Valuation N/A

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