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Mudano are a full-stack FS data services company that works mostly with our clients to help them drive more value from their data through innovative approaches around data strategy, data innovation labs, machine learning research, advanced analytics & visualisation etc.

Our FinTech R&D capability has helped our client’s develop novel and bespoke data solutions for their business or customer needs. Some examples being using machine learning to help reduce fraud, customer matching, predictive complaints analysis, propensity modelling and helping underwriters to better understand risk / claim correlations.

Sharktower Delivery Science Platform

Every year, organisations waste billions on change projects. In increasingly complex environments, they still rely on methods that have barely evolved in 25 years. We are doing something about this.

Born out of Mudano’s Delivery Science principles, we developed our own data-driven project management software, Sharktower.

We have developed machine learning models which use key signals from project data to provide an objective project health score. We also provide proactive assurance, training models on your historic data to determine the probability of plan slippage by applying natural language processing to understand team sentiment.

Sharktower helps our customers manage their investment in change by:

  • Removing the industry of shadow reporting to provide consistent transparency from top to bottom
  • Breaking apart silos of project data, enabling open collaboration for shared accountability towards delivery
  • Enabling portfolio oversight without constraint, regardless of the type of methodologies and data sources used
  • Visualising real-time data insights to spot problems before they occur and enable data-driven decision making

Founded in October 2014, Mudano was born from the frustration of seeing transformation programmes wasting effort, missing deadlines and stretching budgets – we felt there had to be a better way. That belief was the catalyst to us founding Mudano and lives on as our ethos today.

For us, data is both the what and the how. We saw an opportunity for a new type of consultancy, intensely focused on delivering value through intelligent solutions. We help our clients drive more value from their data assets through a wide range of transformational initiatives, whilst in parallel using project data to improve how that transformation is delivered. In short, we help our clients to ‘do more and waste less’

Our founding principles and our propositions have clearly resonated. We’ve quickly grown from a start-up with a vision, to a “full-stack”, scaled data company. Today we help the UK’s largest Financial Services institutions solve their most complex business challenges with data

Our vision is to build the autonomous project, navigating humans on the optimal route to the intended outcome.

Ed Broussard

CEO and Co-Founder


Craig Mackay

Chief Product Officer, Sharktower

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  • Funding Stage Self-funded
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 100-200
  • Sector Data/Analytics
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