Banking is broken – interest’s below inflation, our data’s useless and we never take advantage of being part of a bank that has millions of users to get better value. Nexves Changes that. Our technology layers on top of ANY existing current account to provide bigger rewards, make your data intelligent to save money and let you take actions which influence wealth. We apply the benefits of the sharing economy, shown by the likes of AirBnB, to consumer banking through FinTech.

Two days before Halloween last year I was sat in my Granny’s house watching the TV with my Dad, Brother and Auntie when the phone rang. My Dad answered and got increasingly angry before slamming the phone down and immediately shouted for my Granny to come through.

He bombarded her with a series of questions where It turned out she was paying 4X what he was for a certain subscription Television service, while he got his phone and internet included in that price as well.

Nexves crystallised in my mind in that moment. I began to test the concept for the service on friends and family, before going to strangers and the general public through my blog and social media platforms. Very quickly it became apparent that this was a ubiquitous problem that required a technological solution. We are currently Beta testing the platform, planning to launch to our pre-registered users before the end of the year, with a public launch Q1 2019.  In 6 months we’ve pre-registered 1,000 users, are participating in RBS FinTech and Elevator accelerators, receiving interest from the Middle East, and are talking to a number of banks about the B2B service. We have also received angel investment from the Founder of, probably, Scotlands most disruptive unicorn.

We’re currently a team of two. I’ve ALREADY helped grow a venture backed startup across the UK, and our CTO was the spearhead of a Cyber Security program for the US Air Force and a senior developer at JP Morgan chase.


  • Funding Stage Self-funded
  • Trading for <1 year
  • Employees 1-5
  • Sector Personal Finance
  • Valuation N/A

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