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At Qpal we believe everyone deserves the best possible experience from their mobile network provider, and to help make this happen, we’re helping Telcos learn more about the financial lifestyle of their customers so they can offer a more personalised, proactive and proximate experience.

We’ve developed a first of its kind Open Banking AI solution for Telcos, creating the most accurate customer profiling for Telcos there has been. Qpal simply acts as the data-joining acrobat in the background giving Telcos the platform to make every marketing dollar work harder and retain their customers for longer.
The Qpal Open Banking AI engine has been developed so Telcos can increase the understanding of customer behaviour, predict future buying habits, and optimise the relationship with the customer. To achieve this, Telcos will be empowered to personalise content, cross-sell relevant products and up-sell tailored solutions with greater accuracy. An increase to the bottom line, a reduction in churn and maximised efficiency in deploying the marketing budget awaits.
Qpal was founded in 2016, with the technology team based in Aberdeen. Commercial opportunities led to the expansion of the business overseas to Dubai in 2017. Partnering with Visa in 2017, the strategic alignment allowed Qpal to leverage Visa’s API technology, regional expertise, and a network of issuing and acquiring banks. Receiving a non-dilutive investment from Visa allowed Qpal to drive cashless initiatives together in the Middle East.
In late 2019, Qpal made the strategic decision to pivot the business away from the frontline of payments and operations in the Middle East due to a sea change in market conditions, volatility in the region and diminishing unit economics in the payments sector.
Throughout the time in the payments world, Qpal amassed significant knowledge and understanding of the value of payment transaction data. This has led to the new pivoted business model of building a financial profiling solution that enables Telcos to learn more about their customers.
Qpal successfully became part of the Telefonica Wayra AI accelerator in February 2020 to drive the business forward from Edinburgh.
We believe in creating the best possible digital experience for everyone, powered by Open Banking AI, and we start in the Telco world.
Aberdeen finds itself home to The Dons, oversized seagulls, granite architecture, North Sea oil, and since January 2016, Qpal.
Founded by Craig Buchan, Qpal has realigned its early technology and market focus since inception, but the original vision of helping everyone achieve the best possible digital experience has remained firmly intact.
Qpal proudly calls Scotland home; alumni of Scottish Edge, EIE, Elevator Accelerator, and the Scottish Enterprise Start Global programme. However, the untapped market opportunities existing outside the home country of Scotland encouraged Qpal to fly the flag overseas early in the journey.
Shortly after incorporating a subsidiary in Dubai in 2017, Qpal caught the attention of Visa, the most prominent brand in global payments. An initial non-dilutive investment was made by Visa into the Scottish Fintech to drive cashless initiatives together in the Middle East, which enabled Qpal to leverage Visa’s expansive network of financial institutions and merchants to deliver digital commerce solutions in the form of QR-based mobile payments and Android-based m-POS software.
Qpal has since pivoted, in late 2019 a return to the UK and streamlining of the business allowed for a new Open Baking business model to be formed. Capitalising on PSD2, and tailoring a model specifically for Telcos has seen early success as part of the Telefonica Wayra AI accelerator.

The Qpal journey is only a few chapters down, with many twists already along the way. As international growth and aspiration continue, the Fintech will always remain proud of its Scottish roots.

Craig Buchan – Founder & CEO


  • Funding Stage Self-funded
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 6-10
  • Sector Personal Finance
  • Valuation N/A

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