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“Glasgow-based fintech is targeting the global market”


“Glasgow fintech start-up bids for US patented virtual stock market”



Unlisted “offers valuation elixir for SMEs”



“Thousands of private companies will access instant valuation after Scots tech breakthrough”




Unlisted Ltd is building the first ever platform for real-time valuations of private companies.


Founded in 2018, Unlisted aims to transform antiquated private company valuations with data-driven, machine-learning valuations. Its AI-powered valuations uncover value drivers that help steer acquisition, due diligence, portfolio monitoring, and company selection for entrepreneurs, private shareholders, institutional lenders and investors in the financial sectors.




Obtaining an independent assessment of business value is expensive and takes time. For a lender, this delay getting an offer out to a customer. For that same customer, it means losing valuable time to close a deal. The delay between ordering a valuation and receiving a report – often 3-4 weeks – clearly impedes a faster, more efficient underwriting process.


We’re creating a world where business valuations are delivered within seconds, wherever you are. Unlisted helps you understand a business value and its drivers. It takes just a few seconds for the model to run the valuation. It will also provide a forward-looking perspective that includes transaction data that reflects future outlook and contextual data that is somewhat predictive of future trends, in addition to the ability to run retrospective valuations.


For banks, equity investors, and lenders that frequently value large portfolios of private companies, Unlisted provides the option of batch processing and an API that provides direct access from their systems into our platform. That means portfolios of private companies can be valued, instantly, at any frequency required – be that yearly, daily or even intra-daily – with limited human interaction.


Accountants and third-parties can charge unreasonable fees for a single valuation report. A typical customer can be charged in thousands of pounds for a valuation report that takes weeks to deliver. For multi-national and more complex companies, this charge can be as much as tens of thousands of pounds for every transaction.


Today’s hyper-connected world deserves a valuation provider just as agile. One that adapts to the needs, gives control and constantly pushes the boundaries of traditional ways. Unlisted is a new Fintech alternative that offers valuations that are instant, more accurate than conventional methods and transparent.


Dr Amandeep Sahota

formerly of Strathclyde University


Product Development

Matthew Welstead
Ex Goldman Sachs


Andrew Smith
Ex Morgan Stanley


David Clarke CFA
EX Bloomberg, Martin Currie


Rob Lee
Ex JPMorgan


Tom Mathews
Serial technology entrepreneur



  • Funding Stage Self-funded
  • Trading for <1 year
  • Employees 6-10
  • Sector Data/Analytics
  • Valuation £5m - £10m

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