Scotcoin giving away free coins

Scotcoin is one of the longest lived country crypto currencies, having been founded in 2013. Under the present management team since 2015, the number of holders now stands at around 4000 and in over 50 countries.

At present, we are on the Counterparty Protocol which uses the Bitcoin blockchain. It has been clear for some time that Governments and regulatory bodies will NOT allow millions to be transferred around  the world without knowing where it came from, who sent it and who is receiving it.

Scotcoin was early into recognising this and we insist on new holders being KYC ( Know your customer) and AML ( Anti money laundering) checked. As a progression from this, we will be moving to our own, permissioned blockchain which will cover all present and anticipated future regulatory requirements.
Our ecosystem will be directly connected with the charity sector.

We intend to occupy the social good works ecosystem and our plans are well advanced to do this. The idea is that there will be the establishment of a commonweal fund that will be able to be used throughout Scotland to assist where the powers that be may not be able to step up to the mark. The point is that everyone in Scotland should benefit from this fund, and quite frankly this will be helping the Scottish economy to progress in the future.

We intend to engage with the likes of Social Bite, The Big issue and the IPPR. These organisations help people that have problems to get on their feet again. This is both our goal and our desire.

The new version 3 Scotcoin will be an ERC20 token, using the Ethereum blockchain. You can buy Scotcoin directly from EXCHANGE.SCOTCOINPROJECT.COM.

As an incentive, and to help with our ongoing development and mission, please follow us on



If you do that and confirm it to we will send you 500 Scotcoin for free

You will need a wallet – go to FREEWALLET.IO and download one. Then send us the wallet address and we’ll send you the Scotcoin. And we hope to have lots of interesting things to tell you!

Update (5/2/2020)

Our developers are working hard and their latest update is

Work is going quite intensively. At the moment we are finalizing the audit and security of the main smart contracts.

Currently the process is going as we have planned.

The next milestone – Initial Testing stage starting next month hopefully.

For further information please email