AIMday® Fintech: collaboration to tackle real-world problems

Fintech is changing the world of finance through innovation. Discuss your fintech challenges with expert academic researchers from the University of Edinburgh.
AIMday® Fintech brings together businesses and world-leading specialists to tackle real-world problems posed by current and future trends in the broad field of fintech.
AIMday Fintech, on 28 November, hosted by Edinburgh Innovations, the innovation management service of the University of Edinburgh, is a collaborative one-day knowledge exchange event. The event comprises multiple one-hour workshops based on challenges and questions put forward by companies.
Allowing industry leaders to join forces with University of Edinburgh researchers to address fintech business challenges and build new partnerships.
The AIMday (Academic Industry Meeting day) format allows companies to pose questions in advance of the event, which are matched with researchers specialising in the relevant field. On the day itself, businesses and academics address the challenges together to explore potential solutions and build partnerships.
The University of Edinburgh is home to expertise in finance, data science and digital innovation, making us well placed to help your organisation address its fintech challenges by working with academic experts from across the University. Companies are invited to put forward multiple questions and we particularly welcome questions on the following topics:
  • Blockchain

  • Cyber security

  • Product and service design

  • AI and machine learning

  • Policy, ethics and regulation

  • Big data, analytics and modelling

Businesses have until 10 October to register their questions for AIMday Fintech.
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