Alternative to public markets, trade on a private market

IPO activity remains sluggish with high borrowing costs and broader macroeconomic headwinds seen as depressing investor and issuer appetites. However, there’s also a longer term shift being seen as companies and their corporate advisers show an increased tendency to move away from relying so heavily on traditional market structures - a trend which is now being accelerated thanks to a host of new and emerging financial technologies.

One great example of this innovation emerging on a home-grown basis is Glasgow-based InfinitX. Their software has already played a vital role in connecting JP Jenkins - the UK’s most established liquidity venue for unquoted companies - to any broker or other regulated financial institution. Prices can be displayed and orders placed using a standard trading terminal and whilst the assets remain unquoted, accessibility is dramatically improved for buyers and sellers alike.

And the wider industry is starting to take note, with InfinitX winning a slew of commendations in recent months, both in respect of its own technology and how they have bolstered the proposition offered by JP Jenkins.

Recently InfinitX was awarded Leading Innovators in Private Trading Technology 2023, UK by Innovation in Business. Innovation in Business’ Technology Innovator Awards 2023 provided a platform for companies like InfinitX  to showcase their groundbreaking solutions, game-changing innovations, and positive impact on the business landscape.

This month in London InfinitX and JP Jenkins attended the FF-Awards with InfinitX awarded  Finalists for Private Trading Technology 2023. Over 6,000 votes were cast with more than 18,000 total minutes of video entries viewed and we congratulate the team for making the top three finalists.

Finally InfinitX was acknowledged by Business Cloud as 2nd in UK’s Most Innovative Tech Creators 2023, This was a climb up from number 37 of 50 in 2022 to be second among some recognised leading financial service providers.

We also congratulate other Fintech Scotland members for inclusion in this list. Well done to DirectID, Modulr, Paysend and ShareIn.

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