Announcing a new Digital Transformation micro-credential

The Financial Regulation Innovation Lab (FRIL) introduces a new opportunity for professionals to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving finance sector. Powered by the University of Strathclyde, this first micro-credential, "Digital Transformation, focuses on risk and compliance. FRIL aims to pioneer a path for industry practitioners towards mastering digital transformation strategies that cater specifically to the nuances of risk and compliance in finance.


Empowering Through Education

The digital transformation course is designed to arm participants with theoretical knowledge and practical insights into how technological advancements, especially artificial intelligence (AI), are revolutionising risk management and compliance practices. Over six weeks, this course offers a unique blend of self-directed online learning and an immersive one-day on-campus session, providing a comprehensive understanding of digital strategies that can significantly enhance regulatory and compliance processes.


Course Objectives

Participants will explore digital transformation, exploring its implications for the finance industry with a keen focus on risk and compliance. The curriculum is tailored to:

  • Highlight the current and potential impacts of digital technologies on the finance sector.
  • Equip professionals with the knowledge to harness these technologies for improving compliance efficiency and risk mitigation.
  • Foster a strategic mindset, enabling participants to devise and implement digital transformation initiatives within their organisations.


A Unique Learning Experience

The course is structured to cater to the busy schedules of finance professionals, combining the flexibility of online learning with the depth of in-person engagement. Through this dual approach, learners can explore digital transformation concepts at their own pace, followed by a day of intensive, hands-on learning on campus. This format is designed to reinforce online learning outcomes, encourage networking among peers, and facilitate direct interaction with leading experts in digital finance transformation.


Secure Your Place

With a limited number of fully funded places available, FRIL encourages interested individuals to express their interest at the earliest convenience.

For further information, visit Digital Transformation or contact The University of Strathclyde's skills team today at

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