AutoRek secures Best CASS Solution for the fourth consecutive year

Scottish fintech AutoRek achieved outstanding recognition at the Systems in the City Fintech Awards 2023.

Demonstrating unrivaled excellence, Autorek clinched the highly coveted title of Best CASS Solution for a fourth consecutive year. Organised by specialist business and technology consultancy Goodacre, those awards celebrate the finest achievements in the industry.

Leahn Parry, Head of Governance, Risk, and Compliance at AutoRek, claimed the individual award for Compliance Specialist.

In addition to securing the crown for Best CASS Solution, AutoRek was also recognised as a contender for Best Wealth Management Solution.

Lyn Canavan, Vice President of Marketing at AutoRek, stated,

"The recognition of winning this prestigious award, along with reaffirming AutoRek's standing as the indisputable Best CASS Solution, fills us with immeasurable joy. Over the years, we have meticulously refined and perfected our CASS solution in close collaboration with our esteemed clientele. This victory serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication and tireless efforts exhibited by the entire AutoRek team behind the scenes."

Leahn Parry added,

"It is with immense honor that I receive this prestigious award. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Goodacre, the distinguished panel of judges, and the individual who nominated me."

The Systems in the City Fintech Awards serve as a resounding endorsement for suppliers of services and systems within the regulated financial services sector.

Guided by an independent and fact-based annual accreditation process, the selection procedure is meticulously overseen by a panel of three independent judges.

These awards serve as a pivotal reference point for enterprises evaluating the suitability of their operational infrastructure, cementing their crucial role within the industry.