Blockchain Technology Partners brings smart contracts to Amazon Quantum Ledger

Scottish Fintech Blockchain Technology Partners(BTP) has made available its integration of DAML.

Amazon QLDB is now supported by Sextant for DAML in the same way  Hyperledger Sawtooth and Amazon Aurora are. The solution simplifies the deployment and management of DAML enabled ledgers.

“There are plenty of scenarios where there is a trusted centralised operator or a natural authority but there is still a requirement to ensure data is not tampered with. DAML on Amazon QLDB addresses these use cases combining the expressive power of DAML with the resilience of AWS.”

Kevin O’Donnell, Co-founder and CTO of BTP

DAML is an open source platform-agnostic smart contract language designed for use in multi-party processes. DAML abstracts away the underlying complexities of blockchains, distributed ledgers, or traditional databases, allowing developers to focus on the business logic of the applications while giving clients deployment flexibility as well as application portability.

“Businesses need to stay nimble to compete and thrive while also maintaining high standards of security and auditability. BTP’s Sextant for DAML with QLDB makes it seamless to run distributed applications without the operational overhead or compromising security,”

Shaul Kfir, co-founder and CTO of Digital Asset.

The integration of DAML on Amazon QLDB is commercially supported by BTP’s management platform, Sextant for DAML, which was launched on the AWS Marketplace at AWS re:Invent in December 2019.