Bravura: Celebrating Success in Brand Management and Diversity in Finance Awards

Bravura and Delta Financial System's pensions dashboards project team have yet another reason to celebrate! They received the prestigious Best Product/Service award at Citywealth's Brand Management & Reputation Awards 2023. The award recognises their exceptional ISP solution, Dashboards Connect, and the impactful Pensions Dashboards Week, which garnered significant industry attention and participation.

The joint initiative brought together over 1,500 industry professionals, offering enlightening webinars, myth-busting sessions, and Q&As. It showcased the potential of dashboards and the significance of cutting-edge technology in transforming the pensions sector. Chris Spencer, Bravura's EMEA Managing Director, expressed pride in their innovative microservice technology, highlighting its security and scalability.

Jonathan Hawkins, the leader of Bravura's pensions dashboards project team and Pension Age's Pensions Personality of the Year 2023, commended the industry recognition. The initiative served as a catalyst for progress in uncertain times, and with recent clarifications from the Pension Dashboards Programme, they look forward to future advancements and benefits for the industry and savers.

In addition to their groundbreaking ISP, Bravura received accolades at FT Adviser's Diversity in Finance Awards 2023. The company was named Large Employer of the Year for its commendable Diversity & Inclusiveness (D&I) program. Launched in 2020, the D&I program promotes awareness and fosters a supportive environment through various initiatives and events.

Nigel Liddell, General Counsel and Founder of Bravura's D&I program, expressed gratitude for the recognition, emphasising the importance of diversity and inclusivity in attracting top talent and cultivating a caring workplace. Bravura's D&I program covers six key pillars, each with dedicated leaders working to drive engagement and awareness globally.

The awards serve as a testament to Bravura's commitment to excellence in brand management, diversity, and inclusion. As they continue their journey towards becoming a more diverse and inclusive employer, they look forward to making an even greater impact in the financial services sector.

Bravura's success extends beyond these awards, with their affiliates, Delta Financial Systems, and FinoComp, securing gold at Goodacre's Systems in the City Awards 2023 for Best Pensions Administration Technology and Best Performance Measurement System, respectively.

With these remarkable achievements, Bravura reaffirms its position as a trailblazer in the financial industry, delivering cutting-edge solutions and fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment.