Bringing Open Banking into 2019 with DirectID Insights

We've heard a lot over the last 12 months over the potential that Open Banking can bring, to business and consumers alike. For sure, there has been doubters, but for the most part any criticism has focused on the lack of uptake around Open Banking.

We at The ID Co. are never one to shirk a challenge. We were one of the first UK companies to advocate for the introduction of Open Banking, and we’ve now had over eight years' experience working with bank data. Last year we delivered on the consumer facing side with the introduction of our app, NoMo, and now we feel we’ve delivered a first with our latest product, DirectID Insights.

To say we’re a little excited about what DirectID Insights can deliver is an understatement. We’re confident that DirectID Insights has the ability to re-shape the way that consumers apply for credit, and will change the way that those applications are then actioned.

As a first, DirectID Insights utilisesOpen Banking technology to deliver bank data into the hands of Credit Risk Officers, Underwriters and Fraud Analysts in seconds.

We all know the way that the traditional application takes place. While some of the basic information is entered online, financial institutions then all-too-often require bank statements to be physically posted in.

The repercussions surrounding this are obvious. The drop-out rate is high. The time between initial contact and the time banks can then start selling in products and services is extended. And worst of all, Underwriters and Risk Officers have to spend hours, potentially even days, manually evaluating bank statements to determine income, outgoings and everything in-between.

Now imagine if there was a way to deliver this information, electronically, in seconds, with all the information extrapolated out into a visual dashboard.

How much time, effort and resource could this potentially save financial institutions?

Think of the customer also. Rather than waiting around at home waiting for the post to know whether their loan request has been granted or denied, they can find out in minutes. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Well, this is exactly what DirectID provides. And it’s all provided courtesy of Open Banking.

For customer’s Open Banking is as easy as logging into their Online Banking. For lenders it offers all the bank data that they could need to make to grant or deny a loan. As an added boon, without the customer sending in bank statements, the ability to make fraudulent applications, or make applications based on spurious details, is seriously curtailed.

With zero integration, DirectID Insights offers a host of options that are critical for Underwriters and Credit Risk Officers, including Account summary to see an overview of each account; Deposits and outgoings analytics; End of day balances; Loan servicing; Gambling analytics and; Transaction Reporting. DirectID Insights offers up to twelve months of bank data for each individual or business which is categorisedand classified.

We’re confident that DirectID Insights will prove to be a major success for The ID Co. As I said at the top of the article, the min criticism with Open Banking has been the lack of uptake. We firmly believe that this new product is a business-critical tool that will prove to be essential for anyone working in Credit Risk or Underwriting, and we have Open Banking to thank for its creation.