Challenges of Doing Business with Large Corporations: A Masterclass with GlobalScot John Fox

The prospect of working with a large organisation can be a somewhat daunting prospect.  It brings a whole new set of questions, paperwork, considerations and regulations.  It’s also an exciting opportunity for your company to grow and develop in both existing and potentially new markets.

This masterclass on the ‘Challenges of Doing Business with Large Corporations’ draws on John’s insight of the culture of large US headquartered corporations from the perspective of the insider. If you are interested in ideas of how to differentiate your offering to US based business or how to navigate large corporate culture please join us on Wednesday 6th February at 10am at the Scottish Enterprise offices in Edinburgh. For more details or to register for the event please using this link.

John recently retired after a long successful career of 39 years with Johnson & Johnson; a multi-national corporation that in 2017 had a revenue of $74.65bn, ranked No. 37 on the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue and has over 130,000 employees worldwide. As Vice President of the Global Payroll for the entire group and in his previous role as Group CIO for Pharmaceuticals, John was responsible for administrative functions such as IT, finance and back office, including the payroll operations across 80 countries.

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