DirectID and Smoothpay to provide stable income to freelancers

Scottish fintech, DirectID, the global credit and risk platform, has recently formed a strategic partnership with Smoothpay, a fintech startup that converts unpredictable income into a dependable paycheck. By leveraging DirectID's open banking platform, Smoothpay will now offer freelancers, contractors, and small business owners a reliable monthly income.

Smoothpay's solution aims to remove the anxiety associated with erratic pay schedules, enabling people to pursue the flexible work they desire. By utilising real-time and historical income data through open banking, Smoothpay guarantees gig economy workers a level of certainty, ensuring a consistent income stream.

DirectID's income verification tool, powered by open banking, is utilised to evaluate the earnings of small business owners and freelancers. Once users undergo a quick 30-second connectivity process, Smoothpay can rapidly analyse up to a year's worth of customer earnings. As a result, individuals can promptly sign up for the service and start receiving their "Smoothpay" without any delay.


Henry Oakes, Founder of Smoothpay, said:

Reliable income analysis is at the heart of Smoothpay, but so too is a smooth (ahem) and trustworthy customer experience. We wanted our customers to find out their Smoothpay within a minute or so of signing up - and we've managed to achieve this with minimal fuss by integrating DirectID into the app.

Clare McCaffery, Chief Commercial Officer, DirectID, said:

When I first heard about Smoothpay, I instantly understood the role open banking could play in helping freelancers earn a stable income. Our mission has always been to promote financial inclusion – that means to help people access the products they need, and help the providers to provide them. The world of work has transformed in recent years, and this is an incredible opportunity to use open banking to support those without a traditional salary for the first time.