Royal Bank of Scotland Entrepreneurship

The Royal Bank are proud to support the thriving FinTech community in Scotland across financial and business development functions. Through our various entrepreneurship programmes, we provide businesses and business owners across Scotland with the tools, networks and confidence they need to survive and thrive as they navigate this increasingly competitive landscape.

Supporting Scotland’s diverse business ecosystem is our pleasure


“Running your own business is an exciting, sometimes, daunting experience and so having the right support at the right time is absolutely vital. With so much of our economic recovery dependent on the UK’s business owners, we are incredibly proud to be able to provide this support, whether you’re starting a new business or pivoting an existing one, free of charge, through Business Builder.

By putting the tools and guidance to grow at their fingertips, business owners can upskill at their own pace in a way that allows them to stay in control as they start, scale and succeed. We are with them every step of the way and look forward to supporting thousands of new businesses and entrepreneurs over the coming years.”

Gordon Merrylees

Managing Director, Royal Bank Entrepreneurship


Royal Bank Business Builder

Around-The-Clock Support

Now more than ever it is vital to have the right tools and support to help you and your business succeed.

We have developed Business Builder to support businesses from idea-stage, right through to established businesses looking to pivot and grow. Access Digital Learning, Workshops and a thriving Online Community all designed to help you upskill and grow at your own pace, focussing on topics that matter to you.

Business Builder is completely free and open to anybody – Royal Bank customer or not.

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The perfect blend of business support and network access

Our Accelerator and specialist FinTech Accelerator programmes have been tailored to empower established businesses that are looking to grow.

Access state of the art co-working facilities (when safe once again to do so), a deep network of contacts right across the Scottish business ecosystem and a dedicated business coach to support you as you move forward.

It’s an amazing journey, fully funded by the Royal Bank. Find out more here.

A Comprehensive Body of Support

We are committed to providing support far beyond finances to Scottish businesses. Our dedicated Business Hub provides articles and other resources on a wide range of topics from HR & Employability, to funding, to HSE and more.

Take a look at our Business Hub here and see how it could support you.