Scottish Enterprise

Scottish Enterprise (SE) is Scotland's main economic development agency and a non-departmental public body of the Scottish Government. To deliver a significant, lasting effect on the Scottish economy, we work effectively with partners in the public and private sectors to identify and exploit the best opportunities.

SE is a key stakeholder in supporting the growth of fintech in Scotland and played a pivotal role in establishing Fintech Scotland. We focus on supporting the co-ordination and facilitation of industry, government and stakeholders to develop an industry-led, inclusive approach to fintech growth, and maintain a key influencer role in the strategic direction of Fintech Scotland.

The Scottish fintech ecosystem is thriving, because of Scotland’s rich financial services heritage, its educational strength in technology and data, and our unending capacity for innovation.

Our fintech vision for Scotland

The SE fintech vision, is to work to make Fintech Scotland a global leader in fintech innovation and development, by supporting our extensive industry expertise and emerging data capability.

We’ll encourage further investment and strengthen the sector’s international competitiveness and increase market opportunities.

We will focus on:

Cluster-building and industry collaboration around market opportunities

Improving awareness of Scotland's fintech capability internationally

Harnessing Scotland's expertise and policy focus on data-driven innovation

Encouraging open innovation between financial services companies and fintech SMEs

Ongoing support for Scotland’s fintech economy

The purpose of SE’s involvement in Fintech Scotland is to propel Scotland’s fintech success. We want our fintech community to be visible, connected, skill-led, global, innovative and partnership driven.

SE’s involvement in Fintech Scotland ensures:

Scotland capitalises on data assets and has the capability to secure and grow tech jobs in fintech

Increased recognition of fintech’s role in enhancing social inclusion through improving consumer access and engagement with financial services

Fintech Scotland takes a proactive and cohesive approach to industry engagement, sector leadership, market intelligence and national and regional partnerships

The fintech sector is able to thrive in Scotland, the technology supply chain is supported, and innovators and new entrants to the industry are encouraged

Any barriers to fintech business growth are tackled

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