FinTech Scotland looking ahead and looking forward!

With August literally just around the corner we’re inching closer to the FinTech Scotland Festival which starts on the 16th of September with Digit’s FinTech Summit.

This year we’re hoping to see a return to some face-to-face events and are looking forward to catching up in person with so many of you working across Scotland and UK fintech clusters. We’re starting to see more opportunities for those in person meet ups, respecting the opportunity to start seeing people again in a safe way. Personally, I’m finding it invigorating and energy building talking face to face with those inspiring and committed to driving change through fintech innovation.

That energy was more than evident in a FinTech Scotland meeting with Liz Truss, the Secretary of State for International Trade earlier in July. Not only was it good to see everyone in a (large) meeting room, but it was also great to hear directly from the leaders in Trace Data, Direct ID, Float, EedenBull, Modulr, FreeAgent on their plans and views on international trade and how Scotland is leading and building world class data driven innovations. Key markets discussed included the US, Asia and Australia. Opportunities are growing and many of the events in the festival will focus on international trade opportunities helping to build local understanding of fintech markets in Australia and other countries. (Link to the FinTech Australia event).

We’ve also been working closely with the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Innovations on a Data Driven Entrepreneurial Programme that is focused on the application of PhD research into industry and in building businesses. All the enterprises are using technology and data and are building innovative solutions across a host of issues, including climate change, economic recovery and financial wellbeing. The team at Space Intelligence is focused on managing environmental risks using technology and space data analytics to monitor carbon reducing initiatives. I also met Iceni Earth this week, another climate fintech innovation, and providing leadership and practical applications that supports agriculture and better land use. I’m constantly reminded how privileged and lucky we are in FinTech Scotland with continuous connections to new innovations supporting future business developments.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be doing more on climate and fintech. The FCA recently announced a range of planned innovation programmes for later in 2021 starting with a Tech Sprint in October on the topic of ESG data and helping build market confidence towards ESG credentials and the environmental impact of financial decisions. There is more information here, and it’s another opportunity for Scotland to showcase its strengths in innovation, driving purposeful change and building collaboration to achieve Net Zero ambitions.

The topic of fintech’s role to address climate change was also discussed on one of the FinTech Scotland podcasts in July, it’s a great listen!