Fintech Zumo appoints Chief Technology Officer

Tim Sabanov has been appointed as Zumo’s first chief technology officer to pilot its plans for new product launches in the coming year. Zumo, the digital wallet and payment platform, now looks to discover new ways of democratising financial services, such as a debit card that converts cryptocurrencies to traditional currencies.

Nick Jones, co-founder and CEO of Zumo, said:

“Tim is a leader in blockchain technologies of truly global stature, and his experience will take our products to the next level.”

“We are so excited for him to take up the role and can’t wait to bring his plans to market.”

Tim is one of the brightest minds in Fintech, with his experience not exclusive solely to financial technology, but also creative design agency and stint as Creative Director at Kontrast Marketing. Since joining the organisation in January 2020, he’s pioneered the development of Zumo App, ZumoKit Enterprise Solutions platform, and most recently, the Zumo Smartfolio.

Tim said:

“Zumo is leading the field in providing technologies that democratise access to financial services. What makes Zumo different, however, is the non-custodial approach it takes in its platforms, meaning that whether you are a business operating on the ZumoPay payments platform, or a consumer on the Zumo App, you are truly in charge of your own finances.

“We are just beginning to realise the potential use cases of blockchain technology which is why I am delighted to take up this post and help further Zumo’s mission to bring the benefits of smart money to everyone.”