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Engaging with financial advisers should be simple, fast and affordable. Comparing and evaluating the best financial solution for your business shouldn’t take weeks or require you to disclose unnecessary personal details. is a B2B platform that’s disrupting the U.K.’s £18 billion SME financial advisory market by taking the hassle out of getting timely and qualified advice. Businesses simply browse our “pay-as-you-go” service packages starting at just £39 per month or submit a free enquiry for an in-person consultation. The company’s matching-engine searches through the profiles and qualifications of thousands of advisers on the platform to find the most suitable advisers to request a proposal and quotation without sharing any personal identifying information about the person or business making the request. Only when the business is completely satisfied and ready to engage with the adviser are contact details exchanged and a consultation by video chat, telephone or in person is arranged.

The company is committed to ongoing research and development to continuously improve the customer experience and is planning to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots soon to improve the speed and reliability of the adviser matching engine. Furthermore, a feasibility study to evaluate the use of AI on the blockchain for the provision of digital financial advisory services will begin January 2019 to potentially revolutionise the existing platform and streamline the customer journey.

Driven with a purpose to support the growth and success of U.K. small businesses, is on a mission to securely connect one million businesses over the next three years with the best advisers, when they need them and at a price they can afford. Helping solve business growth, funding, insurance, accounting, taxation, payroll, pensions and financial technology needs. is a trading name of Advisory Direct Limited

Founded in the city of Livingston, Scotland in 2017, is a spin-out from Financial Network Limited, a digital finance and management company founded by Suhail Ahmad. Being in the financial advisory and technology space since 1997, Suhail continued to see the lack of knowledge and access to good quality financial advice for start-ups and small-businesses. The lack of good advice could mean the difference between success and failure for most companies. Seeking out quality advice is more important than ever with economic uncertainty and digital disruption, requiring a much more proactive financial strategy and management approach.

It’s not that SME are not investing in financial advice as they spend over £18 billion on accountancy, pensions, insurance and payroll advice in the U.K. every year. But 40% of them don’t feel they are getting value for their money. In fact, they feel 20% or almost £4 billion of their fees are wasted on unnecessary or simply poor advice, and 49% of business owners surveyed don’t seek out professional financial when they need it due to the perceived costs and time-consuming process. Often waiting till the last minute or when things get much worse to seek out advice.

Furthermore, the process of getting a second opinion or switching financial advisers is a time consuming and awkward process having to disclose personal and business details without the confidence in knowing if this adviser or service provider is the best for them. So, most end up relying on referrals for seeking an adviser who would happily take on the client but would not necessarily be the most qualified adviser for their business needs. Businesses miss out on a huge talent pool of qualified advisers that would be a better fit for their business stage, budget and requirements.

With the launch of the platform in October 2018, it became U.K.’s first digital financial advisory platform focused on serving the needs of small-medium enterprises. Fixing a broken process and bringing much needed speed, innovation and price transparency to the financial advisory market.

The team at is on a mission to support the growth and success of one million businesses over the next three years by securely connecting them with the best advisers, when they need them and at a price they can afford. Helping them solve business planning, funding, accounting, taxation, payroll, pensions, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory and financial technology needs.


Suhail Ahmad, MBA
Managing Director, CEO
Suhail has over 21 years of financial services and technologyexperience. He has held senior manager and director level positions ininvestment banking and private equity. As well as having co-founded couple of financialtechnology start-ups including in 1997 which wassuccessfully sold to Fortune 500 company. The company visionary, Suhail is responsible for theday-to-day operations, strategic planning, and product development atthe company to ensure it remains an innovative company atthe cutting edge of digital advisory services.

Stuart Jamieson, MPhil, BEng
Non-Executive Director, Technology Adviser
Stuart is a commercially aware technologist having skills in strategy,marketing and sales as along with his software and electronicengineering background of over 25 years in systems, software andhardware design. Stuart oversees the software development, solution design, project management, technology implementation at the company.

Sheila Robinson, BA (Hons)
Commercial Adviser
Sheila has over 30 years of commercial skills with blue chip corporates delivering technology markets in telecommunications, power generation, hardware and software solutions globally. She has workedwith a growing cohort of businesses in the UK, Canada and the US as a
business mentor. Sheila helps identify and evaluate newbusiness channels and develop innovative approaches to grow marketshare.

Marcus Cent, B.Sc.
Digital Strategy Adviser
Marcus has founded and invested in dozens of digitalcompanies over the past 21 years and brings a unique blend of skillscovering digital strategy, software development, UI/UX design,marketing and business development. His range of startups includesseveral SaaS businesses and was one of founding team members, acquired by AccorHotels in April 2018. Marcus has been instrumental in developing the company’s brand and is helping develop an efficient online customer acquisition strategy.


  • Funding Stage Pre-seed
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 1-5
  • Sector Personal Finance
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