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InfinitX technology exists to power private markets. What that means is we provide a way to facilitate a way for asset money managers to match up investors who want to buy and sell shares with their member ’ companies and networks.

A showcase of InfinitX in action is our own private venue in the UK JP Jenkins.  We like to describe it as much like a public market but for private companies. To participate on the venue, a member issuer must adhere to a similar reporting and transparency framework as would be used by a listed company, something that provides important valuation metrics for members and assures investors they are comparing companies on a like-for-like basis.

There’s a complex array of options on the table when it comes to ventures seeking funding, but are these solutions truly fit for purpose? And if businesses cannot access the right sized services to meet their needs, investors are being disadvantaged too. So, whether that’s through the expense of a funding round, or with assets being left stranded for years as backers struggle to sell on their holdings, it’s clear that more needs to be done to shake up the way growth companies interact with capital markets.

That’s why we started InfinitX (formerly CrowdX). We facilitate creating, connecting and building private venues to provide the highest levels of transparency and deliver an exit route for investors with liquidity being provided from our comprehensive, broker agnostic distribution network.

Whilst not all companies on the JP Jenkins  venue will progress to a full public listing, the framework we are required to operate to means issuers  become comfortable with the necessary disciplines of a regulated exchange. It also provides investors with a good level of transparency, not just in terms of financial reporting and governance, but also when it comes to accurate valuations – something that is arguably holding back progress for the development of unlisted securities as an asset class.

If you’re a company looking to raise fresh capital, or an asset manager or financial institution looking to connect your companies to a private venue we should talk to explain how you can benefit from our innovative model.

Or if you’re an already-funded business with a cap table and investors eager to sell up – or maybe founders keen to enlarge their existing stake in the business – we  have a solution to fit. And for intermediaries, family offices and other portfolio holders, talk to us about our Enterprise level arrangement, which enables multiple issuances to be hosted on our platform.

Solving the liquidity problem

With global IPOs experiencing a staggering 61% decline in funds raised during the first quarter of this year compared to the same period last year, traditional routes to liquidity are proving inadequate for large institutions and funds seeking to cash out.

InfinitX was born from this evolving landscape to offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to connect private companies with potential buyers and facilitate secondary market transactions via brokers and institutions.

in early 2023 it acquired JP Jenkins, a well-established UK trading platform. The collaboration provides a secure and regulated environment for investors and shareholders to transact in private company securities in the UK. By leveraging JP Jenkins’ experience and infrastructure, InfinitX not only facilitates liquidity for investment firms but also instills confidence in buyers seeking opportunities in the secondary market.

At that time the market conditions posed significant challenges for investment firms and backers alike in a post-Covid era. JP Jenkins aims to bridge the liquidity gap by providing a transparent and efficient marketplace for secondary transactions, allowing investors to cash out while offering potential buyers access to high-quality private companies with proven track records.

By bridging the liquidity gap and providing secure and regulated environments for secondary market transactions, InfinitX founders, who built InfinitX all asexperts in capital markets, aim to not only address the immediate needs of investment firms but also contribute to the long-term sustainability of the private market ecosystem.

As the world of finance continues to evolve, one thing remains clear: innovative solutions are crucial in times of market uncertainty, and InfinitX is at the forefront of facilitating liquidity in private markets when traditional avenues fall short.

See our own private venue in action at JP Jenkins

JP Jenkins is the UK’s oldest private market venue going back to 1960s in its history where it was formed by a stockbroker and built up as a family business. It has itself been integrated into UK public markets in the past such as Ofex and it has hosted British brands like Weetabix on its venue.

Check out our private venue in action at

Learn more about InfinitX technology and how to deploy at

Paul Atkinson – Chair

Paul is an entrepreneur and serial angel investor with Par Equity, and has a substantial track record of building value for companies


Mike McCudden – CEO

Over 20 years of capital markets leadership experience from market making to product development and corporate finance.


Edwin Hamilton – CFO

Chartered accountant with extensive experience as financial director, company secretary and CFO for several SMEs.

Derek Crous – CTO

Derek co-founded Peresys, the leading South African financial market technology provider that was later acquired by IRESS.

 Richard Deans – COO

A decade of operations in the financial services industry with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of back-office management.

Veronika Oswald – Commercial Director

Experience working with both listed companies and private businesses, managing sales and commercial strategies, with a unique focus on secondary markets.

Melissa Gilmour – Head of Brand and Communications

Two decades of capital markets and fintech marketing experience. Founder of Small Cap Awards and running  financial focused events.

Mason Doick – Head of Corporate

Several years within private equity, capital markets and boutique wealth management, raising capital for tax efficient investments & allocation of funds.

Andrew McGlynn – Head of Business Development

With a background in accounting, Andrew brings his experience in FinTechs and consultancy organisations.

Sagrys De Beer – Technology Senior Dev

Developing and writing code for several years, building a unique trading venue for daily and periodic windows of transactions.



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  • Employees 11-50
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