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Nude is the new way for people in the UK to build their first-home fund. Open a savings or investment account, boost your deposit with government bonuses and get ideas to buy your home in record time. All in one super easy to use app.

Here are some of the many things our app can do for you.


Find out how much you need

Search any postcode in Britain and choose the type of property you want. Then, we use real-life house prices to show you how much you could need for your deposit.


See how long it could take

Tell us how much you can set aside each month (and how much you’ve already put away) and we’ll show you how long it could take to buy your first home. Then it’s our job to help you get this time down.


Open an account for your deposit

Save or invest your deposit with a Nude Lifetime ISA – our account with a free 25% government bonus that could help you buy a home months, or even years sooner.


Knock more time off your goal

Keep track of your spending in the app and get fresh ideas that help you put more money aside (without ruining your social life).

You’ll have the keys in no time.

Learn more & get the Nude app at

Nude was started by Crawford, a senior owning partner at Hymans Robertson LLP, one of the largest independent pension, investment and risk management consultancies in the UK. The maths and risk calculations when running a £15bn pension fund are kind of similar to helping people save a deposit. After spending the best part of his career helping older people save for retirement, he decided to help people at the start of their lives to buy their first home.

Truth is, Nude was a slow burner. This wasn’t some entrepreneurial scheme written on the back of a napkin. As a father of three, Crawford could see the challenges that his own children face and the future of those unlucky enough not to have access to the bank of mum and dad. He had the ambition and his fair share of finance and tech experience, but he needed a full team to bring it to life.

Enter Marty. A serial founder of community-focussed businesses, Marty is known for creating exciting brands which thrive online. Before Nude, Marty founded Tens, a sunglasses company which became an overnight international hit, before being funded by one of their biggest fans, Sir Richard Branson. He also founded Poolside FM, a viral music website/app with 1m+ listeners per year.

Around the same time, Stephen came on-board as COO, bringing a solid financial and tech background to the table. He also previously worked in a senior role at Hymans Robertson LLP, where he managed a team of 30 as CTO. He later led RBS and the Student Loans Company to develop the technology to make the transition towards digital. Motivated by endless frustrations around innovation within the finance, he wanted to make a difference and bring financial literacy to the younger generation.

Last but not least, Kate came to head up Legal, dealing with the FCA and helping to raise capital for Nude. Kate has experience at the likes of Osborne Clarke before studying post-grad at Babson College in Boston, USA, then dipping a toe in Silicon Valley. A start-up is only as good as its legal team. Kate’s entrepreneurial 
outlook helps Nude to innovate safely, keeping us on the right side of banking regulations while being 100% behind our vision.

Crawford Taylor – Founder & CEO


Marty Bell – Co-founder & CMO


Stephen Doherty – Co-founder & COO


Kate McKay – Director & Head of legal


  • Funding Stage Series A
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 11-50
  • Sector Personal Finance
  • Valuation N/A

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