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Wallet.Services is a global blockchain development company, rooted in Scotland. We streamline, simplify and secure digital life and business by accelerating the use and harnessing the benefits of distributed ledger technology (DLT) across society and commerce. We do R&D and thought leadership – we authored Distributed Ledger Technologies in the Public Sector for The Scottish Government.

We also speak a lot and build awareness around DLT through workshops. But the core of what we do is developing our SICCAR blockchain toolkit, already released in alpha to public and private sector clients, empowering them to build real-world solutions for their sectors on blockchain technology. Our approach to simplifying blockchain accelerates adoption of this transformative technology at every level. For the individual, blockchain can secure and simplify the process of paying taxes, applying for a mortgage or a citizen benefit. For society, it secures record keeping and provides transparency around data sharing between local authorities and government agencies. For business, blockchain is the bridge that fills the current IT and trust gap, enabling co-operation in a competitive environment. On a global level, DLT is needed for international collaboration on climate change, security and trade. Blockchain’s transformative technology is the missing link needed to bring integrity and control to digital life and business.

Wallet.Services is a global company, rooted in Scotland. Our aim is to streamline, simplify and secure digital life by accelerating the use, and harnessing the benefits, of Blockchain technology across society.

Blockchain’s transformative technology is the missing link needed to bring integrity and control to your digital life. It does so in a way that is safe and secure, yet transparent, sustainable and democratic.

So far, the internet has not lived up to these expectations of trust through mutual consent. People and their data are not protected. Complexity and lack of integrity slow down the commerce. Our digital life doesn’t fit together securely.

These fundamental issues stand in the way of streamlining and securing our world.

Blockchain addresses this by making data storage, sharing and protection cyber secure.

Our team have engineering expertise, business integrity, practical experience and credibility. At the heart of this combined knowledge lies steadfast commitment to quality and robust system security. Essential to this is the need to build with integrity and longevity to solve fundamental problems and safeguard lives and livelihoods.

Inherent in our ethos, we enjoy an open and human approach with clients, partners and colleagues. Independently-minded, free-thinking and socially responsible, we take the longer view to makes a real and sustainable difference.

We are building a natively digital and safer world, for now and generations to come.

Executive Chair: Rab Campbell

Rab was CGI’s Sales Director for the Scottish Public Sector for ten years.  He moved CGI (previously Logica) from being a bit-player in the market to becoming a dominant force.

During this time, he spent 2 years serving as Chairman of the national digital trade body in Scotland, ScotlandIS.  One of his achievements was persuading Scottish Government to take positive steps to resolve the digital skills gap in Scotland.

He left CGI in 2015 to spend two years establishing Scotland’s first Digital Skills Academy, CodeClan.  He then selected Wallet Services as the best growth prospect from the 50+ Scottish start-ups he dealt with while at CodeClan.

He joined the company in July 2017 and his executive role involves creating and developing strategic partnerships for the company.

He has a BSc and MBA from Edinburgh University.  Most of his career has been spent with large corporates: ICL, Fujitsu, Logica and CGI, apart from a three-year spell early in his career as Computer Manager at the University of Zimbabwe.

Chief Executive Officer: Stuart Fraser

Stuart has 30 years professional practice in Information Technology, his experience spans the early days of Local Area, Satellite and Wide Area Networks to modern Internet scalable application development and service provision. Engaged as team member, leader and director of teams up to 50 individuals, active participation and thought leadership has been key in

He was involved in a number of leading edge projects such as the BP Virtual Teamworks desktop video conferencing project in 1995, Work24 a joint RBS and Scottish Power project in 2002 and as start-up CTO of MiiCard (now The IDCo.) in 2011.  He co-founded Scotland’s first Cyber Security consultancy DNS Ltd in 1999, which ultimately sold to Dell in 2008, that Stuart gained his deeper Information Security knowledge. During this time he attained a number of industry qualifications such as CISSP and UK government specific CESG Check and CLAS certifications on top of a wider understanding of business solutions. He has a Masters (MSc) in High Performance Computing from Edinburgh University.

He founded Wallet.Services because of his view that Blockchain network and cryptographic technologies can fundamentally transform the secure sharing and protection of digital data in the Internet age to build a better, secured by default, and natively digital world for today and for generations to come.

Chief Commercial Officer: Peter Ferry

Peter co-founded Microsoft Scotland and spent much of the dot com boom working in the large financial services institutions of Scotland, consulting on leading-edge web, infrastructure and security projects. Peter’s corporate career continued, ultimately leading Microsoft’s Cloud and Partner programs and building the Microsoft Technology Centre to demonstrate the business impact of disruptive tech.

He’s has served on the board of Scotland IS, runs a Code Club for Primary age kids, and serves as the Honorary Consul to the Republic of Estonia in Scotland.  In addition, he is a member of the Westminster All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain.  Peter graduated from the University of Strathclyde with BSc (Hons) Information Engineering and MSc Communications and Digital Signal Processing.

Director of Strategic Transformation: Hannah Rudman

Dr Hannah Rudman FBCS FRSA is a highly experienced IT and Digital Transformation Professional with blockchain and distributed ledger technologies expertise. Hannah is Strategic Transformation Director at Wallet.Services, supporting public and private sector enterprises to build business and operational models and value with DLT. Specialist in using design thinking and creative practices and participatory action research approaches with clients for innovation, to overcome challenges of digital change. Expert skills include establishing and maintaining strategic relationships and partnerships, and communicating the opportunities and impacts of digital change and disruption with clarity to government, general audiences and industry. She is co-author of the report Distributed Ledger Technologies in the Public Sector published by The Scottish Government in 2018.

Hannah has personally led the digital transformation of over 150 companies, national organisations and publicly funded institutions. £multi-million national digital transformation and innovation programmes have been directed by Hannah’s leadership, creating digital transformation in over 250 enterprises. Hannah advises governments on how to empower sectors to change and transform to maximise digital opportunities. She has made keynote addresses at international conferences in Mexico and Australia and is a persuasive communicator, as a speaker, writer, academic, interviewer and presenter of filmed case study documentaries.

Hannah is internationally renowned for her proven in the field & academically verified Digital Transformation framework. An experienced non-executive director, she serves as Board Trustee for the National Galleries of Scotland. Hannah was elected as Fellow of the British Computer Society in 2016, as Honorary Fellow at Durham University in 2015, and as Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce in 2007. She has a PhD in Information Systems, an MRes in Drama and IT, a PG Cert in Computer Science and a BA (Hons) in Drama and Theatre Studies.

Chief Product Officer: Stewart Pavitt

Stewart has been in technology companies since leaving university in 2006 with a 1st class BEng in Software Engineering.  Before joining Wallet.Services Stewart has worked in many of the roles associated with developing software.  Developer, Lead Developer, Development manager, Product owner, Scrum Master, Quality Supervisor and Test engineer.

Previously Stewart worked heavily in digital identity and security for several companies.  Over the last few years Stewart has moved to be more customer facing and focused his career on product and balancing the development process against delivering the needs of the business.

Stewart joined Wallet.Services in October 2017 with a remit to manage the creation of a development team that could grow to build and deliver the SICCAR and SUPER NODE products. He set out and maintains the product vision for both products and manages the roadmap to delivery.




  • Funding Stage Post-seed
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 11-50
  • Sector Distributed Ledger
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