If you’re in Finance then you’ll have heard it a million times – the inherent nature of your business means that your organisation is an obvious target for cyber criminals.

Great enterprise security must address the rapidly changing threat landscape head-on.

Historically, when considering cybersecurity solutions, the financial sector has been focused on how to protect against the “bad guys” trying to break in, rather than on the potential threats hidden within the company – aka “The Insider”. However history has also taught us that this is not enough. Without any doubt, one of the biggest threats to our sensitive data and business-critical information resides within our own environments.

Benefits of ZoneFox

Bolstering your security posture and protecting against unknown threats within your organisation, ZoneFox immediately alerts on the tell-tale signs your team needs to spot to stop anomalous behaviour that’s exposing your data to risk.

Our award winning security platform provides 360° visibility of activities around your data – the who, what, where, when and how – by monitoring user behaviour and data movement both on and off the corporate network, and instantly alerting to anomalous activities.

And with our detailed forensic data, there’s no huge resource drain spent on analyzing data – ZoneFox will do that for you.

What does ZoneFox find?

  • Intellectual property written to removable media
  • Tunnelling data through the Dark Web
  • Company documents uploaded to the cloud
  • Unauthorized or anomalous sensitive file access i.e. payroll / staff data
  • Unapproved software installation
  • Ransomware files entering your network
  • Files transferred via messaging applications
  • Downloading illegal content


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About ZoneFox

ZoneFox is a world-class security platform that effectively combats the growing issue of insider threats to organizations across the globe.

Through ground-breaking machine learning technology it provides rapid insights that are critical for helping businesses create a strong security posture, all from a single dashboard. This allows security teams to see where business-critical data is going, who is accessing it and importantly who is doing things with it they shouldn’t be – either accidentally or maliciously – quickly, easily and without impacting on endpoints or user privacy.

Based in Edinburgh, ZoneFox is headed up by Dr Jamie Graves. In November, it launched a new machine based learning solution, called ZoneFox Augmented Intelligence (AI). The product, which is the most advanced of its kind to be developed in the UK, has been created over the course of six years and is targeted at a wide range of business sectors and is proud to support the likes of Nucleus Finance and Oakbrook Finance to name a few of our Financial Services clients.


  • Funding Stage Acquired
  • Trading for 6-10 years
  • Employees 11-50
  • Sector Cyber Security
  • Valuation N/A

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