How To Capitalise On The Crypto Boom? This New NFT-Funded Eco-Glamping Resort

If there was ever a time to Look seriously at digital currency, it’s now. Today’s crypto market is worth $1.21 trillion,* and Bitcoin has experienced an 85%** surge since this time last year. Meanwhile, NFTs are bringing the potential of profitability to the masses. Well, now “new wave thrill-seekers” can use NFT’s to gain exclusive access to a one-of-a-kind eco-glamping site featuring an Augmented Reality (AR) gaming experience just 20 minutes from Edinburgh.

Those who are interested in NFTs, but fancy something a little different from their investment, should discover Mythtopia - a unique travel experience only available to NFT holders. 

Mythtopia combines ecotourism with an AR gaming experience centred around Celtic mythology in stunning Scottish woodland. Guests can stay in one of the 150 low-carbon impact geometric domes and take part in ‘Mythtopia Legends,’ an augmented reality video game following the tales of Celtic folklore. 

By owning a Myths NFT (Myths), investors can stay up to three nights per year at Mythtopia Resort alongside friends and family (up to 4 people per dome). Or, they can stake their NFTs and earn extra cash from their allocated nights.

Founder of Mythtopia, Oliver Pyle-Santini, said: “Our NFT’s enable us to build this amazing resort of Mythtopia! The AR game ‘Legends’ is a unique activity, but totally optional. Come and enjoy a lovely weekend away by diving into our Celtic world; finding hidden treasures and adventuring in mythical quests. We intend on making the resort completely carbon neutral. Using carbon credits through OXEGEN (OXE) tokens will (I hope) help people to go greener, faster.”

The recent boom in crypto can often lead to an opportunity for NFTs. This isn’t the only reason to invest in Myths. Today, individuals are increasingly motivated to lower their carbon footprint and make more sustainable choices. According to a study*** conducted by Earth Day 2023, 78% of the public believe in the importance of individual action to fight climate change, and over a third (38%) say that a financial incentive would help them make more environmentally-friendly decisions.

In addition to the Myths, Mythtopia offers their own crypto currency called OXEGEN (OXE). Becoming an OXEGEN (OXE) token holder, investors can join Mythtopia’s mission of planting 120,000 trees and re-wilding the natural environment. The liquidity of the OXEGEN (OXE) cryptocurrency token will come from the carbon credits of these planted trees. Ideal for eco-conscious investors.

The Myths NFT launch will fund the necessary capital to build carbon-negative dwellings on the eco-glamping site, which will be entirely powered by solar and geothermal energy. Not only this, guests can also get involved in activities that help them re-explore nature, such as lake swimming, star gazing, yoga, and even planting trees themselves.

The first mint date is set to take place in Autumn 2023. The funds raised will be used to build the unique and first-of-its-kind Mythtopia resort, which will open nine months later (Spring 2024).

To learn more about how you can invest in Myths NFT’s and OXE tokens and become part of the Mythtopia story, visit the website here.