interview with a FinTech intern

who am I?

My name is Jack Barclay, I am an s6 pupil at Portobello High School  who is currently working as an intern at FinTech Scotland. I have been given the opportunity to write a short blog post discussing my thoughts and opinions towards the FinTech and tech industry, as well as my aspirations and plans for my internship.


Are you interested in working in tech?

Yes absolutely. Technology is such a huge part of the current landscape and the influence it has will only increase each year and that’s why I’m interested in it. In my mind it is one of the few industries that will only continue to grow, develop and evolve as we use it to solve issues and problems we face in everyday life.


Do you feel curriculums include enough tech subjects?

Yes and no. I feel that when I went to primary (school) the consensus was not one that overwhelmingly supported technology in the learning environment but moving into secondary school the general attitude seemed to have changed. The school (Portobello High School) was incredibly supportive of technology, going as far as to provide an iPad to every pupil. This came with an education too, teaching us how to use a variety of systems and software's such as the Microsoft family of products (OneNote, teams, PowerPoint and excel.) As well as this we are given the opportunity to study various subjects relating to the technology umbrella, such as computing. I studied computing and the skills taught were quite wide, such as python, html, CSS, and JavaScript. So overall I would say my experience is that schools now more than ever are striving to educate students on technology and get them excited about it at a younger age.


Had you ever heard of FinTech prior to this internship?

Prior to this internship I had not, the whole industry is quite new to me. But I am excited to learn more. And use my existing knowledge to adapt to a new climate, full of unfamiliar problems and new experiences. 


What do you think it is about?

Well, the current consensus I am getting is that fintech is an industry full of innovation & collaboration that has one main goal, which is to support growth and evolution of new technologies in the financial sector. I absolutely connect with that. 


What skills do you think are needed?

I would imagine one skill that would be useful is problem solving, being able to produce solutions quickly and efficiently to problems you may never have faced before. As well as this I think having an open mind would be incredibly useful, being open to the latest ideas and innovations. Also, collaboration, I think the ability to work in a team is necessary within not just fintech but in the technology sector, the ability to listen to others, give feedback, and evolve ideas as a community is a super useful skill to have. 


Do you think your female friends would be interested in a job at fintech? 

I would certainly think so, but they probably don't represent the majority. I imagine the majority wouldn't,  It is an industry overwhelmingly populated by men and does not necessarily market itself toward women. More must be done to advertise the technology sector to girls/women.


Why did you want to get work experience at FinTech Scotland?

Well  the team reflected a number of the ideals that I have, And the company’s mission to make a better world for all through innovation, collaboration and inclusion really resonated with me.


What do you hope to learn?

I hope to learn skills that will enhance and develop my ability in the workspace, I want to gain experience from those who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the industry. and I want to improve the skills and ability I have by using them and in an atmosphere I have not worked in before. And i

am optimistic about what I can get out of the internship as I have already started learning. Over my first week I learned that there are so many ways to get jobs/roles in this industry. You do not need to spend 4yrs of your life getting a degree,  there are other routes, and each route will suit every person differently. 


If nothing else I hope this blog post works as a lite introduction into my mind. As well as  my skills, abilities, and my ambitions for my time here at FinTech Scotland.