James Sharp implement Aveni’s AI technology

Broker James Sharp has chosen cutting-edge technology from Scottish fintech Aveni.ai to ensure Consumer Duty compliance.

The company has seamlessly integrated Aveni Detect, an advanced platform rooted in AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP). This strategic move guarantees that James Sharp's brokers and investment advisors deliver precise advice, oversee customer interactions meticulously, and promptly identify potential vulnerabilities.

The integration of Aveni Detect's demonstrative monitoring technology ensures a high standard of service, enabling real-time identification and resolution of vulnerabilities, grievances, or inquiries. Furthermore, it aligns seamlessly with the imperative of complying with the substantiated Consumer Duty regulations.

Sheriden Davy, Chief Risk Officer at James Sharp, said,

"Our commitment to providing a personalized client experience is integral to our core values. Leveraging Aveni Detect empowers us to vigilantly oversee client interactions, ensuring effective communication and support for our valued customers."

Jamie Hunter, Chief Operating Officer at Aveni, said,

"James Sharp's sterling reputation and historical achievements are rooted in exceptional client service and facilitating prudent investment choices. To perpetuate this ethos, especially within a consumer-centric regulatory landscape, the company has astutely acknowledged the pivotal role of technology. Aveni Detect serves as the cornerstone of this technology-driven approach, fostering optimal customer service and assuring compliance with the exacting standards set by the business and regulatory authorities."

Aveni Detect stands as a "Machine Line of Defence," scrutinising every customer interaction to preempt an array of risks ranging from conduct issues and grievances to customer vulnerability. This robust solution meticulously adheres to the data-centric mandates introduced with the new Consumer Duty regulation, effective as of the close of July 2023.