Launch of AG Elevate 2018 for Scottish fintechs

For the first time Scottish FinTech firms are actively being targeted to join the programme. The law firm already deals with a large number of fintech companies including some Scottish ones such as FNZ, Money Dashboard and MiiCard.
They propose a 12-month programme with 2 variants, one for small start-ups (< £1 million of investment) and one for bigger start-ups (at least ‘Series A’ funding of more than £1 million). Both tracks offer mentoring services and free legal advice as well as training and networking.
David Anderson, a partner in AG’s Scottish FinTech team mentioned FinTech Scotland as evidence of a vibrant fintech eco-system in Scotland and one of the reasons that leads the firm to target Scottish fintechs.
This initiative will be manned by AG’s most experienced FinTech lawyers. AG have been winning many awards in recent years for their focus on innovation.
Some of the fintechs AG is currently working with: Delio, Pace Invoice, Penta, Moneyfellows and Mespo.
Fintechs who want to register can do so by clicking here