Mansfield Building Society partners with DirectID

To help mortgage applicants to provide digital bank statement, Mansfield Building Society has partnered with Scottish open banking platform DirectID.

Applicants can now allow their bank to share their statements online with The Mansfield, hence speeding up the income and expenditure check and help prevent brokers from having to use PDFs or paper.

Mansfield Building Society Commercial Development Executive, Richard Crisp, said:

“Brokers and borrowers regularly tell us that they value our individual lending approach in providing flexible solutions to slightly unusual or niche circumstances. At the same, they need an increasingly swift and efficient service and, as a result, we’re delighted to be launching this service with DirectID.

This new service is a safe and convenient way for borrowers to provide their bank statements online via DirectID’s open banking platform. This improvement can help brokers reduce the amount of chasing around they do for their clients and help us deliver a faster speed to offer.

Combined with our robotics developments, not only can we continue to commit to our flexible underwriting approach, we can do it with the modern service that brokers and borrowers need.”