New initiative launched to support fintech in Scotland

FinTech-Tables is an initiative that will bring together the FinTech ecosystem in Scotland to drive growth, innovation, collaboration and connectivity.

Launched by BDM Marketing & Communications and supported by FinTech Scotland, the initiative will deliver a series of events throughout 2022, bringing together the FinTech community in Scotland to discuss and tackle industry-wide challenges in key areas impacting growth including policy and regulation, skills and talent, investment and internationalisation.

Supporting industry priorities, FinTech-Tables will align to the FinTech Scotland Research & Innovation Roadmap 2022-23 which aims to deliver a threefold increase in economic growth and job creation over the next 10 years.

The ambition for the roadmap is to deliver an increase in economic gross value add (GVA) through the FinTech industry in Scotland from £0.5bn today to £21bn GVA by 2031 as well as delivering in excess of 20,000 new FinTech jobs.

FinTech-Tables, which already has support from a number of other organisations including Glasgow based data recruitment specialists MBN Solutions and global payments platform Mambu, will create an environment for the cluster to come together to discuss key findings from the report and create actions to deliver against its objectives, focusing on four priority themes which are considered the building blocks of the roadmap; open finance data, payments & transactions, financial regulation and climate finance.

The forum will launch in May 2022 with its opening event ‘Growing FinTech in Scotland’ and will deliver a series of events and discussions in support of the FinTech industry in Scotland  over the next 12 months.

“We're delighted to support the launch of Fintech Tables. Having recently published the UK Fintech Research and Innovation Roadmap, we believe those events will enable the fintech cluster to meet and discuss many of the findings and actions detailed in the document. We're looking forward to many interesting conversations with those individuals and companies that make Scotland one of the leading fintech nations”

(Mickael Paris, Marketing Director, FinTech Scotland)

“We are excited to partner with FinTech-Tables and to assist in the work being done by the team to support the growth of the Fintech sector.

Data driven innovation will form a key component when delivering against the key pillars outlined in the Fintech Scotland Research & Innovation Roadmap and the report highlights the importance of data in delivering positive economic, societal, and environmental outcomes in Scotland.

If we are to achieve the desired goal of 32,000 new jobs for the sector in by 2033, it is important that we come together as a community and consider how we can attract a skilled diverse and inclusive talent pool to Scotland from across the entire globe”

(Michael Young, CEO, MBN Solution)

“FinTech in Scotland is already having a huge impact on the way that individuals and businesses interact with money and financial services. It has the power to change lives and have a positive impact on both people and the planet.

Fintech-Tables is committed to supporting the growth of FinTech Scotland. We will do this by creating a community where people can come together to tackle industry issues in an environment that encourages new innovations and partnerships to emerge”

(Ian Davey, Director, BDM Marketing & Communications and Founder of FinTech-Tables)