New solution for Pensions Dashboards onboarding

A consortium of four leading technology providers has joined forces to offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution for pension providers seeking to integrate into the UK pensions dashboards ecosystem.

The collaboration between Target Professional Services, mypensionID, Bravura, and Delta Financial Systems is designed to simplify the complex processes and regulatory requirements that providers face when connecting to the ecosystem.

Each firm specialises in a particular area of expertise to ensure a seamless journey toward dashboard readiness before the staging deadline. Target Professional Services uses its leading tracing capabilities to screen and cleanse member data while mypensionID verifies and traces individual members using a verification app tailored to the pensions industry.

Bravura and Delta then provide a jointly developed cloud-hosted Integrated Service Provider (ISP) solution for providers' data, with a focus on configurability and compliance with the Pensions Dashboards Programme's (PDP) Code of Connection. The four firms' technical expertise and market knowledge combine to create a unique solution capable of addressing pensions providers' urgent and specific needs.

Jonathan Hawkins, Principal Consultant & Pensions Specialist at Bravura, said:

“Delta, mypensionID and Target’s deep expertise and technical know-how in the pensions and data sectors, combined with our ability to process huge volumes of assets and trades on our systems, brings a level of reliability and scalability that pensions providers require right now.

“Pensions dashboards are a crucial step towards modernising and digitising the UK’s pensions sector and, with the clock ticking, pensions providers up and down the country need tech partners with proven scale and expertise. This unique collaboration delivers that solution.”

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio: