Scotcoin launches carbon offsetting service

The Scotcoin Project  (CIC) just launched Scotcoin Carbon Offset which allows individuals and businesses to offset their carbon footprint and support the drive to net zero by providing a discount to those who pay with Scotcoin (SCOT), while also accepting payments in pounds sterling.

People can purchase a single tonne of carbon for £20 (10 tonnes would cover the average carbon consumption for a person each year). Businesses can get in touch with the Scotcoin Project to talk about their specific needs.

2022 saw the Scotcoin Project CIC achieved carbon neutral status by offsetting 100 tonnes of CO2 through investment in a project delivered by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Adaption Fund, which seeks to reduce the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases.

Scotcoin seeks to use crypto as a force for good, supporting a range of charitable and environmental projects that boost Scotland’s ambitions for a greener and fairer society.

Temple Melville, CEO of the Scotcoin Project CIC, said:

“We are using cryptocurrency in a unique way to help Scottish people and businesses make their contribution to the country achieving net zero. While offsetting is not the only answer, carbon emissions are an inevitable result of many of the things people do in day-to-day life and in the way businesses operate. It’s not possible to cut all of that out altogether, but it can at least be offset and we believe crypto can play an important role in making that happen.

“We have the flexibility to sell single tonne quantities, which means even individuals can offset what they produce in a year through activities like sending emails or drinking coffee if they want to proactively do more for the planet. The climate crisis remains the biggest challenge society faces and we hope that our carbon initiative, via Scotcoin Carbon Offset, will incentivise more people and businesses to do as much as they can to help us reach net zero.”

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