Scottish Fintech KNOW-IT part of UK Trade Mission To Australia

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial technology, a Scottish fintech company is set to make waves on the global stage. Know-it, led by Founder and CEO, Lynne Darcey Quigley, is gearing up to participate in the 2023 UK Fintech Trade Mission, where it will take its innovative platform to Australia's Intersekt Festival.


Unveiling the Potential of UK Fintech in Australia

The primary aim of this exciting endeavor is to showcase the prowess of UK fintech on the international front, specifically in Australia. As Australia's needs for digital and automated financial services continues to surge, Know-it is poised to address this demand head-on. The decision to launch its platform in Australia stems from the country's burgeoning fintech market and the strategic backdrop of the trade mission.


A Perfect Match: Know-it Goes Global

With plans to unveil its platform Down Under in the first quarter of 2024, Know-it is on the cusp of a transformative journey. The Australian market provides an ideal launchpad for this expansion, considering the country's receptiveness to fintech innovation. The Intersekt Festival, a gathering of Australia's finest fintech minds and industry leaders, offers the perfect setting to not only introduce the platform but also tap into Australia's burgeoning fintech talent pool.


Intersekt Festival 2023: A Confluence of Innovation

At the heart of this venture is the Intersekt Festival which draws together thought leaders and collaborative minds from the Australian fintech ecosystem and beyond. The 2023 edition promises international guest speakers, insightful roundtables, and networking sessions aimed at fostering collaboration and sparking innovation.

Lynne Darcey Quigley, the driving force behind Know-it, expressed her enthusiasm, stating,

"Here at Know-it, our long-term goal is to take our offering global and help organisations worldwide wake up to why automating the credit control process is vital to not only business survival, but success too. Having this opportunity would not have been possible without our partners at Fintech Scotland and Scottish Enterprise; providing the necessary support startups like ourselves require to be a part of crucial events such as Intersekt conference.” 


Addressing a Global Need: Fintech for Business Success

The motivation behind Know-it's expansion isn't confined to national borders. Lynne Darcey Quigley emphasises that the challenges of late payment culture and outdated credit control processes aren't unique to the UK. Australian businesses are now presented with the opportunity to improve their financial processes through Know-it's automated credit control solution, aligning with established platforms like Xero and MYOB.


A Journey Beyond Borders

The Intersekt Festival will take place in Melbourne from August 30th to 31st, with an optional extension in Auckland, New Zealand, from September 4th to 5th. Know-it is poised to participate in both segments, showcasing their commitment to global growth.

Lynne affirms:

"Making the journey to Australia and exporting UK fintech offerings is the next big step in our journey towards going global. We want to show Australian business owners and Accountants – particularly SMEs – how fintech can help protect business continuity during the turbulent economic conditions currently threatening organisations on a global scale.   

“The purpose of this trip for Know-it is to not just demonstrate what we can offer, but to settle and begin building our brand down under. Our team are excited to begin partnering with local businesses to help them increase their cash flow by combatting late payments, reducing debtor days and automating their entire credit control process.”


Pioneering Collaboration for Global Fintech Expansion

Nicola Anderson, CEO of Fintech Scotland, commended Know-it's journey, stating:

"It is fantastic to see Know-it embark on the 2023 UK Fintech Trade Mission to Australia’s Intersekt Festival. This is a great opportunity to showcase the platform as part of this mission and it recognises the excellent work everyone at Know-it has put in under the leadership of Lynne Darcey Quigley. International growth is the next step for scaling-up fintechs and Australia is a great choice, taking advantage of the UK-Australia fintech bridge which align regulations in both countries. We’re looking forward to witnessing the launch of the Know-it platform in Australia in 2024 and hope it will serve as a model for many other Scottish fintechs."


Anticipating the Future: Know-it's Role in the Fintech Landscape

Before Intersekt, Know-it is set to participate in Xerocon Australia, scheduled for August 23rd to 24th in Sydney. This event will offer a sneak peek into Australia's fintech and accountancy landscape. Following their presence at Xerocon London in 2022, Know-it is well-poised to demonstrate its value to Australian Xero users.

Know-it's journey signifies more than just a trade mission – it's a transformative step towards redefining fintech's role in global business operations. With the right combination of innovation, collaboration, and determination, Know-it will make a lasting impact on the international fintech stage.