The Herald Intrapreneurial Conference in association with CivTech®

What is Intrapreneurship?

It is an essential part of a nations landscape to encourage, discuss and focus on Intrapreneurship to ensure that a nation's economy grows.

Internal Entrepreneurship - intrapreneurship - is crucial to companies who wish to keep their competitive edge. It is becoming increasingly important, in such fast-paced times, to encourage and grow those from the inside of a company, where their talent and knowledge lies.

The conference

To help achieve businesses' ambitions for empowering those with an entrepreneurial spirit, The Herald are holding their first Intrapreneurial Conference to engage, inspire and showcase organisations, companies, workplaces and individuals who are leading the way on their Intrapreneurial journeys.

Intrapreneurship has never been more important to our businesses, our economy and our society in such changing times. This is an event you do not want to miss.

The Intrapreneurial Conference takes place on August 28 at 200 St Vincent Street, Glasgow.

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For further information please contact Kirsty Loughlin on 0141 302 6016 or email