Upskill in the New Year with CodeClan’s Short Courses

Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels

Whether you’re interested in adding to your skillset, or developing your team, short courses are an ideal way to quickly upskill and achieve your career goals. 

At CodeClan, we offer two to four-day short courses at our campuses in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness. The subjects carefully chosen by our industry partners, students and alumni and developed by our instructors and other experts as sought-after skills required across industries. 

Agile for Effective Teams is a two-day course on new strategies for implementing Agile ways of working across your team. Business and technical leaders will gain insight into the Agile mindset and Scrum (the main Agile framework) and how this can benefit business and projects. Product managers and decision makers will learn how adopting an Agile approach can increase flexibility and increased responsiveness to better meet the needs of your customers and business. Small and large development teams will learn how to work more efficiently as a team and to execute your development projects in an Agile way for greater innovation, flexibility and business satisfaction. 

Edinburgh | 30 January 


If you or your team want to understand development teams and their practices, Understanding Software Development is a three-day course which will help people who interact and work with development teams to understand the development lifecycle and how best to work with a developer’s mindset. 

From wireframing tools to APIs and applications, you learn how the internet works and what software developers do and be taken through the stages of a software project to understand how developers work and the tools they use. 

By the end of this course you will be able to write a brief that developers will understand and you will have a better chance of accurate planning. Through easier and more productive communication, you’ll create stronger, more collaborative teams. 

Edinburgh | 3 February, 28 April

Glasgow | 24 February, 17 March


Python is quickly coming one of the most sought-after languages. Whether you want to use it for data or development, Python is used in Fintech, business, finance, R&D, IoT and commerce. CodeClan’s four-day coursePython for Developers covers Python fundamentals, file handling, web programming and frameworks. Students will be able to build a simple web MVC app and understand Python 3.0 syntax. This course is tailored for programmers who already have experience with another language, ideally a scripting language and experience with object-oriented programming. 

Edinburgh | 20 April

Glasgow | 3 February, 9 March


Get to grips with UX design concepts and methods – from web accessibility and interface design to user testing and more on the three-day course UX Design Fundamentals. You’ll be introduced to UX design concepts and methods, including web accessibility, interface design and user testing. Whether a technical or non-technical professional, you'll benefit from this opportunity to work through hands-on, practical examples and learn how to build solutions based on customer’s needs. 

Edinburgh | 10 February
Glasgow | 17 February 

Following on from UX Design Fundamentals, UX Advanced is a two-day course explores methods of information architecture (IA) design and testing. Based on practical application, the course requires basic understanding of UX design principles. Join us to learn methods of information architecture (IA) design and testing, explore methods such as Jobs To Be Done in order to run successful requirement gathering sessions with your business stakeholders. Discover tips and tricks that will help you and your team communicate complex requirements. 

Edinburgh | 16 March 

All CodeClan courses can be found here.