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Delivering genuine change for good

What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is a platform which enables innovative and creative people to work collaboratively with businesses to solve the biggest consumer challenges using technology.

We built an ecosystem consisting of industry peers, charities, academia, fintechs and subject matter experts to accelerate the delivery of impactful innovation.

Together, we can shape a better world.

What problems are we solving?

Half of UK adults display one or more characteristics of being potentially vulnerable.

The FCA defines a vulnerable person as “Someone who, due to their personal circumstances, is especially susceptible to detriment”.

Most firms want to do the right thing, but struggle to treat vulnerable consumers fairly and consistently.

What makes it challenging?

Data availability and quality limitations as well as regulatory constraints (GDPR) impact the ability to identify customers who are, or might become vulnerable.

This makes it difficult to design products and services that sustainably deliver a positive experience for those who need it the most.

How might we leverage the power of data to better serve our vulnerable customers?

What's our approach?

Join the party

Join your peers in solving tricky industry- wide challenges

Focus on what matters

Let the consumers and academics be the ones telling you the priorities

Pick the fintech

Don’t recreate the wheel. We’ll do all the heavy lifting to find wacky and wonderful technology partners

Make it work

Count on our designers, subject matter experts and technology architects to measure value & prove the concept

Make it stick

Launch the solution to a small set of customers and scale while learning from feedback

Why financial services companies should join Chemistry?

4x cheaper

Split the cost with your peers. Build up your FinTech eco-system. Reduce the risk of elongated internal ‘DIY’ projects

50% quicker

Forget managing hundreds of suppliers. We are a one-stop shop to discover, define, design and deliver

Infinitely better

You’re not only doing good for the industry. You’re doing it better by getting insight form leading academics and consumer groups

What's in it for the fintech partners?

What outcome can you expect?

Where have we done this before?

What's our plan?

Ready to join?

If you want to join or know more about the Chemistry programme, please contact us.

Limited spaces for the 2020 cohort available.