Women’s Coin to launch during Scotland’s Fintech Festival

Blog by (Prof) Christine Bamford Founder and CEO Women’s Coin    

Exciting news Women's Coin is now trading!

Women's Coin digital currency to launch in September at Edinburgh Fintech Festival and internationally at the United Nations, New York Decade of Womenon 18thSeptember

Women's Coin operates via Bitcoin blockchain platform, using the Counterparty protocol.  Blockchain is the power behind behind digital currency enabling storage of digital assets and smart contracts.  Women's Coin is Money Laundering compliant, KYC (know your customer) and ensures total transparency in  its financial conduct.  In partnership with Zortrex data security company - Women's Coin intends to secure investments through military grade data security.  

Women's Coin is not just a digital currency it is a coin of value – transferring profits from the currency into humanitarian support.  The profit for purpose ethos sets out  to build a better world  through micro-financing women owned sustainable businesses.    Women's Coin supports United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 5 – Gender equality

Women's Coin is not just for women – men are also critical to the movement (He for She)

Together we can use the power of the wallet to deliver social change

If you want to learn more about Women's Coin's amazing vision and product, (Prof) Christine Bamford is speaking at:

  • International Cyber Security Summit - 4thSeptember Edinburgh Napier University
  • United Nations, New York – Decade of Women - 18thSeptember
  • Meeting of Coin Networking Event – Virgin Money Lounge - 25thSeptember
  • Fintech Summit – DIGIT - 26thSeptember

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