A Meeting of Coins!

Blog by (Prof) Christine Bamford Founder Women’s Coin    

For readers who didn’t know …

Scotland is the first country in the UK (possibly Europe) to be home to 2 global digital currenciesWomen’s Coin and Scotcoin!  How cool is that!

It can’t be a consequence that 2 digital currencies have emerged from Scotland.  It’s the foresight of the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise and Fintech Scotland as a hub for innovation in financial technology. Not to mention active support for emergent technologies by Kate Forbes, Minister for Digital Technologies.  Who I think is just fab!

Left: Kate Forbes, Minister for Public Finance & Digital Technology, (Prof) Christine Bamford and Dr Jane Lewis, Women’s Coin

Fintech Scotland, Napier University and other key stakeholders such as Virgin Money, Zortrex, Money MatiX, CU Apps and Payment Centric were so welcoming that we decided to establish Women’s Coin here in Edinburgh.  There is no doubt that Scotland makes stuff happen and has a real entrepreneurial spirit.

So how did we connect with Scotcoin?  Well it’s all down to Fintech brokering service.  It took a couple of meetings to establish a trusted relationship but now we feel that there is power in a collective approach

Temple Melville, Director. Scotcoin commented  “There was synergy between our coin offerings and a mutual  desire to move towards a ICO (initial coin offering) through a legal regulated framework”   Dr Jane Lewis, Strategic Director, Women’s Coin added  “We have a track record in successful partnership working -  So it made sense for us to explore how we might jointly raise our profile and collaborate on trading”

What is Women’s Coin? It is a digital currency for women (& men) with a humanitarian arm using blockchain to deliver charitable giving to the point in need without third party intervention.  Every time you use women’s coin payment you support another woman to survive in the most hostile environments on earth.  Supporting United Nations SDF 5 (Women’s Empowerment) A coin with a heart

See website http//womenscoin.com

Scotcoin does what is says on the tin.  A digital currency for everyone – anywhere!

 To celebrate “Coin Collaboration”Fintech supporters will be invited to learn more about our “Coins” blockchain and crypto currencies during September Fintech Festival 9th-27thSeptember