Clearscore announced RomanAgora the User-centric IDV Blockchain Consortium in partnership with Ocyan

Clearscore is announcing the RomanAgora consortium - an Identity Verification (IDV) consortium and data marketplace.

End users will now be even more enabled to use services in a faster and more transparent manner - having more control over their data and when it is being shared. RomanAgora’s mission is to reduce the cost of checks, speed up processing and solve fraud while giving users control over their data.

Previously used applications involve heavy manual operations and multiple checks handling for the same individual. This costs a lot and requires a significant amount of time. Blockchain - a shared ledger of identity data between counterparties - solves this by allowing us to utilise a unique set of data multiple times without the need of identifying the individual continuously.

This partnership is disrupting the fintech space globally by allowing end users, credit bureaus and financial services providers to use a common platform for Identity Verification.

This is an overall greatly innovative platform due to the ability to now verify an individual's identity a lot faster in a secure and traceable way utilising the latest blockchain technology as well as infrastructure. Blockchain technology and capabilities can play a big role in securing as well as accelerating financial applications.

Ocyan is proud to be the technology partner of choice for Clearscore focusing on cloud-native analytics and infrastructure for enterprise-ready Blockchain applications. By providing the complete End-to-End Cloud Platform for enterprise blockchains, large

organasations can easily innovate, scale and integrate their ventures with their rest of their legacy and cloud applications.

With the automation that Ocyan provides, partners of RomanAgora don’t have to bare the integration or infrastructure cost to join this consortium, making the required network effect of this collaboration much more interesting and less of an effort than anything else similar on the market.

This is a massive leap forward creating the first enterprise grade, scalable and production running consortium. An incredible achievement, one of the very few globally and perhaps the first IDV effort at such scale.

End users are now able to receive responses sooner, more efficiently and with the safety this technology provides as well as impactful innovation by Clearscore and Ocyan.

Gabriele Cacciola, the CTO of Ocyan commented:

“RomanAgora is a totally revolutionary platform that, thanks to the Blockchain features and capabilities, will allow end users to finally have their credit and identity profiles securely stored and get back control of their data.”