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Ocyan is an Enterprise Cloud platform for BI Analytics and Infrastructure services for Blockchain Applications.

Ocyan was founded with the belief that a future where innovations are based on decentralized networks is more interesting than one where they are not. Today, Ocyan is actively developing Blockchain and Cloud Innovation to make this possible, with the ultimate goal of enabling any kind of business to trade first over a decentralized network.


Organisations around the world will trust us when they think of a Blockchain enabler. We make Blockchain solutions easier, sounder and scalable, helping businesses take decisions and trade on a decentralized network.

The Market Opportunity

Domains like media, licensing, mobility, energy, oil and commodities, fintech and supply chain are all competing to innovate in the blockchain space. Currently, companies are competing to advance in the field by creating close networks called “consortiums”, in order to form trading alliances that are aimed to create new business models in the next years [1,2,3].

Unfortunately, to integrate with consortia based networks, organisations need to invest time and resources to implement the system connections with the blockchain based networks. And for the few that they have managed to have taken the risk, there is a great lack of automated tools, that the businesses need

Customer segmentation

Organisations whose market domain is going to be disrupted by decentralized networks will need to start innovating towards this new solution, as more and more competitive business models have already started to arise [1]. In Ocyan we have identified that tech teams in medium to large organisations need a technology enabler to rely on the core-infrastructure, so the businesses can invest time and resources building their new competitive models.

So tech-managers and product leaders who want to enable their team to scale faster into the space, need Ocyan to accelerate their time to the market and development effort that the businesses give.

Customer Needs

As Blockchain is another network, like the internet, when businesses develop applications and services, they need to have the right tools to take critical decisions, as also being able to scale their products to their needs with the least amount of effort.

Therefore, for a blockchain-based application businesses need; to being able to connect their current services to the decentralized network, tools to gather the analytics that they require to understand and optimise their product, and also the ability to scale the features and performance of their trade

The Problem

Businesses that are developing blockchain applications, lack the way of gathering their data insights to understand the user engagement of their product, as well as drawing analytics on their performance from the blockchain network they operate on.

The solution

In Ocyan we have combined our expertise in the space of cloud computing and analytics, and we are delivering a Cloud and Analytics platform for blockchain applications, that provides all the necessary services for an organization to commence trade on the blockchain.



  • Funding Stage Self-funded
  • Trading for <1 year
  • Employees 6-10
  • Sector Distributed Ledger
  • Valuation £3m - £5m

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