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 Alluvie is a company with a new vision of the financial market and offers AI-powered (data-driven) tools that can be used by professional and starting investors alike. Our mission is to make data-driven decision making accessible to the investment community. Currently, many investors are struggling accessing financial data and performing essential analysis required to be successful in the market. In recent years, interest in investing has skyrocketed, however, 70-80% of investors are facing losses (according to broker eToro’s report). 

Alluvie offers a trading strategy management platform to help investors overcome the financial markets’ traps and hurdles. Our goal is to provide a platform on which any user can design trading ideas he has in mind within minutes and test it without having to code or wonder how to get the data. Our platform allows users not only to find the optimal strategy that suits their goal, but also takes away the complexity of managing the investment portfolio. We track the market in real-time and can perform trades required by the trading strategy with minimal user’s effort. 

Today, all of the advanced financial tools are hand-crafted within large well-established investment companies or outdated and prohibitively expensive. Our platform is offering a modern vision of investment management and research. The company was born in the University of Edinburgh Statistics department and bases the technology on recent advancements in statistics and data science. Founders of the company have 9+ years of experience in the finance industry as well as years of data science experience in the industry and academia. 

The core of Alluvie’s technology has been developed since 2019 as a part of financial market research. We have a solid understanding of what investors need based on our own experience. Since the start of the 2021 we have built a user-friendly web platform with rich functionality and high performance computational servers and databases. In May 2021, we started an alpha test of the platform with 30 users and will be releasing a full functionality in October 2021. 

Today the trend is clear and new generation tools are starting to develop. The competition is still small with two main competitors (Darqube & CapitaliseAI) and the platform that we have designed goes way beyond what they are offering in terms of strategy design possibility or in terms of assets on which you can test your strategies. 

 The algorithm Alluvie has been thoroughly designed, improved, and remodelled for years by Emmanuel, our CEO. It all started during his financial engineering degree as a past-time and a work of passion. Years went by and an idea kept getting clearer and more striking: non-professional investors were getting targeted daily by new platforms and brokers with aggressive marketing strategies speaking about “data” and “algorithms”. They were actively looking for a financial tool able to make their investments more accessible, easier, safer and actually profitable. 

Emmanuel met Yuriy during his PhD at the University of Edinburgh. They shared the same interests for large-scale data analytics and financial markets. Together they started working on what was going to become the Alluvie platform. After being selected by the Edventure Accelerator, they were lucky enough to have William join their team and add his UX development skills as well as his Computer Science to the mix. 

As the team started to grow, they realized that Alluvie was getting built based on a shared belief that mathematics, finance and coding, when methodically and thoroughly combined, can do wonders and completely change the investment game. 

Because the game has to change ! The idea behind the Alluvie platform and the necessity to have a safe and strong new player on the market is becoming more and more necessary as the market keeps booming, while 70% of retail investors keep losing money. Who hasn’t seen one of their friends, relatives or colleagues… investing on a hunch and losing part of their savings simply because they were either lacking time, skills, tools – or all of the above? Investing on financial markets shouldn’t be the obstacle course it often is today. At Alluvie we are trying to fill these gaps and give non professional investors what they need to maximize their chance to be profitable in the long-run. 

That is the reason why we’ve created a unique no-code financial strategy editor where you can write down any investment strategy you want. The only thing you need is your initial idea : is this crypto actually interesting ? you keep hearing about this stock but you’re not really sure what your strategy should be ? you’re pretty sure you’ll be making small profits in the short-run but what about a safer investment that can last in the long-run ? We answer your questions ; we give you confidence ; we take care of all the technicalities while giving you all the information to actually empower you and help you make the best decisions. 

Our company is now growing. After the Edventure Accelerator (Jan 2021), we have been accepted into a second university incubator (March 2021). With Venture Builder Incubator, we have greatly improved the solution and welcome our very first customers during a beta-test phase. This phase is now ending : we are ready – and excited – to work on the commercialization of our platform (Fall 2021). 


We are a team of three : Yuriy, our CTO ; William, our UX Developer, and Emmanuel, the CEO. Our skills combined are making our team strong and efficient. Together we are all able to understand the underlying main technical and strategic aspects of the solution. I bring to the team my Finance Engineer background as well as my past experience as a manager and project developer. They bring crucial technical skills as well as a new and sharp look on the project. 


Yuriy Dushin is the CTO. He is also a data analysis expert with a 3-year experience leading R&D teams for multi million pounds projects at ICON Clinical Research. After receiving his MSc in Statistics and Data Science (University of Edinburgh), Yuriy has been working in the medical research field, gaining extensive experience in large scale data analytics and project delivery. 


William Burns is the UX Developer. He is also a second year Computer Science and Economics student at the University of St Andrews. William has a strong passion for designing and developing creative software at a large scale. He is an experienced game developer, having worked in the industry for several years. He is enjoying the shift to the economic field with his work at Alluvie. 


Emmanuel is the CEO and founder. He used to be a former Quant at Societe General Investment Bank, and Gas Natural Fenosa. He has been developing the underlying concept of Alluvie for the past 5 years. His experience in the financial market combined with my skills in managing large scale data-driven projects drove him to design Alluvie. He is also currently finishing a PhD in statistics at the University of Edinburgh. 


  • Funding Stage Self-funded
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 1-5
  • Sector Data/Analytics
  • Valuation N/A

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