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Operating as a credit broker and lead generator over a range of property finance products to commercial and residential clients, Pinerock is at its core a software and data analysis business.

By blending open source datasets from multiple government agencies and third-party organisations into a single platform, Pinerock has developed a system to identify opportunities in the property finance market.

The platform was initially developed by Pinerock to efficiently target advertising in geographical areas where commissions and conversion rates would be higher than average. By breaking down the UK into areas of a few hundred homes, these areas can then be scored on values ranging from social, economic, and employment to property type, value, and ownership levels. By focusing advertising on areas where spending will produce a higher return and by learning in real time, the system adapts to maintain and improve margins.

As technological privacy improvements and government regulations make it harder to target ads, the system gave Pinerock a chance to make up for that loss and keep a much higher conversion rate and commission level than usual while reducing overall workload and operating costs.

The future focus of Pinerock is to merge the system with live property listings and score properties not on their current value but on their expected future value, to try and guarantee assets will appreciate and to reduce overall risk in property investment.

With the UK expecting greater turbulence in the property market as cities transition from business to residential and people reevaluate how they want to work, understanding how land valuations will perform over the long term is a key driver in commercial property investment.

By opening up the data platform, Pinerock can offer users advanced analytics in real time to aid in decision making and strategic thinking. By simplifying processes and improving efficiencies, Pinerock look to use AI, not to replace decision makers, but to give greater visibility on what the options are.

By involving many different strands of data, trends in upstream factors can be identified quickly that are known to eventually impact property prices.

While not actively pursuing investment, Pinerock is keen to build partnerships with organisations in the property and financial industries.

David Rocks

Mechanical Engineering graduate with over 20 years experience working in software. Mostly consulting in investment and retail banking, insurance and pensions providers. Certified mortgage practicioner.


  • Funding Stage Self-funded
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 1-5
  • Sector Data/Analytics
  • Valuation N/A

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