Appointedd is an Edinburgh based fintech that is on a mission to power the best customer journeys that lead to the best customer experiences. Digital first, human always. Our fintech solution solves retail financial services scheduling requirements.

Appointedd empowers your customers and colleagues to schedule appointments and events at any time, for any service whether in-person or virtual, on any device, in any timezone, and in your native language. Appointedd wasn’t the first scheduling system, and we certainly won’t be the last.
However, we understand FI’s requirements across creating omnichannel digital estates, complying with regulation, building efficient and scalable processes, and gaining access to valuable and actionable reporting insights. Appointedd is recognised as being a best-in-class one-stop-shop with our clients, and we’re often commended on our commitment to going above and beyond. We work with the likes of Lloyds Banking Group, abrdn, two of the Big Four, a large American retail bank, and large financial advisory firms around the world.

Appointedd gets the balance right by being both off-the-shelf and enterprise focused. No two financial institutions are the same, but all have complex infrastructure inundated with legacy systems, and stringent security requirements. Appointedd’s commitment to world class security standards, and scalable infrastructure makes integrating our solution into FI’s digital transformation projects simple and puts you in control to move at your own pace.

Appointedd was born in 2011 when our founder and CEO, Leah Hutcheon, was made redundant from her job as a magazine editor. After an exciting career in arts and journalism, Leah saw this as an opportunity to start her own business. Given her challenge of not being able to book appointments with independent businesses  whilst travelling for her job, she spotted a gap in the market for online booking.

In the early days, Appointedd was solely focused on automating the scheduling process for hair and beauty salons. Some of our original small business customers are still using our software today! However, after broadening out to small businesses in general, and then organically signing our first enterprise client (Iron Mountain) in 2017, it became clear that the Appointedd solution had the potential to solve large business challenges, whilst continuing to serve our small businesses. When the Covid-19 Pandemic struck, the world was looking for software to manage capacity through digital scheduling. Whilst this time was difficult for every business, Appointedd felt truly privileged to help so many organisations survive and thrive, and continue to support their customers in this challenging period. We continue to work with these businesses today as they have pivoted their offering to fit a post-pandemic omni-channel world.

From small businesses to becoming market leaders in the high-end retail and beauty industry, as well as a growing presence in the financial services and automotive industries, Appointedd has always been on a mission to power the best customer journeys that lead to the best customer experiences. Digital first, human always. We now are privileged to partner with several household names, including Lloyds Banking Group, abrdn, SpaceNK, Harrods, two of the Big Four, Charlotte Tilbury, and large financial advisory firms around the world.

Appointedd’s journey to date, and guiding path for the future is continuously informed and shaped by our customers and our team. Our customers have not only helped uncover our value in enterprise markets across our core three industries, but they also help us build a more powerful and valuable product on a daily basis. Our team of 28 based in our beautiful Edinburgh office care about solving the right problems and delivering the right solution for the biggest impact. Everyone is really passionate about making a difference, and we really believe that Appointedd’s tools can connect businesses with their customers in a meaningful way.

Leah Hutcheon – CEO and Founder


Imogene Keane – COO

Elspeth Coates-Gibson – COO

Toni Strong – Head of Product


Megan Grant – Client Partner (FS)


Murdo Elwis – Client Partner (FS)


  • Funding Stage Series A
  • Trading for 11-15 years
  • Employees 11-50
  • Sector Institutional tool
  • Valuation N/A

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