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Environment Systems are trusted providers of environmental and agricultural insights, helping governments and industry to tackle climate change, halt biodiversity loss, deliver food security and sustainable land management. We contribute to the preservation of natural landscapes and food supply chains for future generations.

We are experts in the use of satellite imagery and geospatial data, helping decision makers make the link between data and place. We locate the right places and right actions to deliver sustainable land management and nature restoration. We are industry leaders in delivering natural capital strategies, nature based solutions, environmental monitoring, crop monitoring and forecasting and in assessing the likely effects of climate change on future land suitability for agriculture, forests and natural environments.

Our solutions deliver insights where they are needed; in risk management, investment analysis, asset and land management, environmental impact assessment, disaster risk management and crop success.

Founded in 2003, Environment Systems is an established consultancy with expertise in data analysis and modelling, natural capital evaluation and earth observation.

Our ability to operate at the interface of science and routine operations enables us to give our customers insight into the latest technology and thinking whilst delivering the evidence required to address today’s challenges. For 20 years we have been a leading player in this field and have a wealth of experience to bring to our client work, with a team of world-leading data scientists, software engineers, ecologists, natural capital and agricultural specialists. We work globally and routinely map, and monitor, vast areas and diverse natural assets.

We operate from three UK offices and have a subsidiary company in Colombia. In Scotland, Environment Systems is based in the University of Edinburgh’s Bayes Centre, reflecting our long association with academia and collaborative R&D.  The company is guided by an ethics policy which is owned by its staff. We operate both quality and environmental management systems and are a carbon balanced company.

Environment Systems has worked in Scotland since 2007; providing solutions to the Scottish Government, NatureScot, local councils, private companies, National Park Authorities and not-for-profit organisations. This reflects the diverse needs for improved information from these clients for peatland restoration, nature recovery planning, natural flood management, natural capital strategies, global agricultural supply chain transparency, crop yield forecasting, climate change risk assessments and monitoring the outcomes of agri-environment grant schemes.

We have recently developed a national peatland restoration service for Scotland: PeatSCOPE. This digital solution and platform helps clients prioritise site selection and begin outline scheme design for peatland restoration. Peatland is the single greatest source of CO2 emissions in Scotland and we provide the evidence and tools for private investors, policy makers, landowners, advisors and contractors working to restore these valuable landscapes.

Steve Keyworth, Founder and Director

Steve is a founder and Director of Environment Systems and has led the growth of the business across the UK and globally.  The company now has 40 staff and four offices. Steve leads business and product development and international expansion. He is a Chartered Geographer and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.


Jacqueline Parker, Lead – Sustainability and Climate change

Jacqueline is an evidence-led Chartered Geographer and creative thinker, who uses spatial approaches and modelling to bring a different and valuable perspective to addressing societal challenges.  Her leadership has resulted in improved operational scheme design and decision making for clients, shaped national policy and the evolution of company products, such as Agri-track. She recognises the importance of transparency and trust to progress the adoption of novel approaches and has presented at COP26 plenary and the Paris Peace Forum to endorse the use of nature based solutions.

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