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The Financial Regulation Innovation Lab (FRIL) is an industry-led collaborative research and innovation programme focused on leveraging new technologies to respond to, shape, and help evolve the future regulatory landscape in the UK and globally, helping to create new employment and business opportunities, and enabling the future talent.

FRIL provides an environment for participants to engage and collaborate on the dynamic demands of financial regulation, explore, test and experiment with new technologies, build confidence in solutions and demonstrate their ability to meet regulatory standards worldwide.

Key programme actions

FRIL engages industry participants, including large established financial institutions, innovators, academics, and regulators across the UK in four, inter-related programmes of action:

Innovation Challenge Calls

As part of its programme, FRIL has launched a series of industry-led calls. These bring together financial institutions and innovators from across the fintech community and beyond to develop new solutions to key financial regulatory challenges.

AI and compliance

Utilising emerging technologies to simplify compliance process and monitoring.

Consumer Duty

Supporting consumer duty obligations and enhancing financial inclusion outcomes.

Financial Crime

Addressing future challenges of financial crime.


Meeting new regulatory requirements, leveraging new data and new technologies.

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Applied Actionable Research

FRIL will integrate academic research with an industry relevant agenda, focused on enabling knowledge on cutting-edge topics such as generative and explainable AI, advanced analytics, advanced computing, and earth-intelligent data as applied to financial regulation. The approach fosters cross sector learning to produce a series of papers, actionable recommendations and strategic plans that can be tested in the innovation environment, in collaboration across industry and regulators.

Applied research is realised through:

Clearly framing complex problems

Identifying new perspectives and discovering new insights

Creating a framework for solutions and highlighting potential industry applications

Utilising testing environments that enable further collaboration and understanding

Skills Development

The lab will design and implement an industry relevant skills and education programme tailored to needs of professionals in regulatory risk and compliance. It will focus on emerging technologies and how these technologies are applied in financial services.

The programme will provide:

Inspiring and challenging courses aimed at bridging the skill gaps

Access to high-quality resources and guest lectures from across the industry.

Knowledge Exchange

FRIL will facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange around the topic of innovation in financial regulation through a series of industry engagement actions, including:

Insightful communications on innovation impacting regulation

Workshops and discussion forums bringing together diverse participants embracing regulation innovation

Roundtables to develop specific financial regulation innovation themes

Innovation demonstration events, exploring potential partnerships for specific innovations

International engagement activities to learn from global innovation developments

Participating In The FRIL Programme

A significant number of Industry partners are already actively engaged in taking forward the programme of actions. FRIL is a collaborative initiative and there are various ways additional participants can get involved, including:

  • Steering the innovation and research agenda, as part of the industry steering group
  • Shape innovation calls that help define a business need
  • Collaborating or co-authoring the whitepapers as part of the research agenda
  • Shaping the skills plan and support delivery through guest lecturing events
  • Participating in events, podcasts, forums and discussions
  • Embracing collaboration and creating a vibrant financial regulation community


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