FinTech Scotland is recruiting a Strategic Innovation Director

FinTech Scotland is recruiting for a new role, the Strategic Innovation Director, who will be responsible for leading and evolving the innovation strategy outlined in the FinTech Research and Innovation Roadmap. This appointment is vital and will drive the strategic direction of fintech innovation in Scotland, working across all priority stakeholders and alongside FinTech Scotland’s CEO to advance the fintech opportunity in Scotland and the UK.

The role of the Strategic Innovation Director is critical in the future development of the cluster, building on successes so far and leading the cluster’s innovation strategy and its implementation. Specifically, the StrategicInnovation Director will initially be responsible for establishing a new fintech centre for innovation that focuses on innovation in Financial Regulation – The Financial Regulation Innovation Lab. This project is critical and supported by the UK government, large financial and professional service institutions, regulators, fintech entrepreneurs, and universities.

The Strategic Innovation Director will implement an industry-led strategy and work in partnership with leaders across the cluster to enable the success of the Financial Regulation Innovation Lab. They develop a program of work that will help advance responsible innovation and technology adoption in financial regulation, developing and growing strategic relationships with professional and financial services, regulators, and academia, managing multiple stakeholders' interests, leading collaborative cross-sectoral actions to advance common opportunities and challenges, supporting delivery of the broader FinTech Scotland strategy. Working as part of the FinTech Scotland senior leadership team they will drive continued fintech cluster excellence.

In summary, this new role of the Strategic Innovation Director is vital for the future development of FinTech Scotland, driving innovation strategy and its implementation, and establishing the Financial Regulation InnovationLab in collaboration with the industry's leading stakeholders. The successful candidate for this role will bring leadership, business skills, and the ability to work collaboratively with leaders across the cluster to ensure the success of this critical project. The role provides a unique opportunity to play a part in shaping the future of finance and fintech in Scotland and across the UK.

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