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Agrud Technologies is a fintech startup specializing in the creation and application of advanced artificial intelligence systems for use within the financial services sector. Agrud aspires to transform the ways in which businesses find and harness content data, and provides innovative tools to track, monitor, and analyse their company’s ecosystem.

The quantity of data being produced is rising exponentially, and the information present in the financials is only a very small part of the picture. Only 7% of data is tagged, and just 1% analysed. Agrud believes this ‘hidden’ data is invaluable, and we provide the tools to access it in the form of Stella, our advanced engine for data, analytics, and personalisation.

  1. Data
    . Structured and unstructured data gathering . Advanced contextual search abilities
  2. Analytics
    . NLP features such as summarization, Filtration and Sentiment Analysis . NLG driven automated insights
    . Deep and broad data analytics
  3. Personalization
    . High level of personalization based on client needs and preferences

The three primary use cases of Stella are Our services primarily cater for the financial sector:

  1. Stella for Corporate Strategy
  2. Stella for Credit Risk Management
  3. Stella for Content Curation

Agrud Technologies is built upon the work of CEO Sayanta Basu. After two decades in investment management, he branched out into entrepreneurship, launching Agrud Advisors, a bricks and mortar family advisory in Singapore, and Agrud Technologies. Sayanta also founded our P2C branch, which strives to rival other stock market investment research sites such as Yahoo! Finance and Reuters.

Noticing an absence of innovation in smart content curation and AI dada analysis, we started to construct our AI platform for Data, Analytics, and Personalisation, Stella. After initial success in

the East Asian market, Agrud technologies moved its headquarters the Scotland where it settled in Edinburgh in 2018.

At Agrud we bring together a combination of financial, corporate, and technological expertise which culminates in a unique perspective on the industry, and gives us the ability to formulate solutions which come from a place of true understanding and experience.

Matthew Morgan – Content Executive


James Hall – BD Executive


  • Funding Stage Self-funded
  • Trading for 1-5 years
  • Employees 11-50
  • Sector Data/Analytics
  • Valuation N/A

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